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Tuesday, 27 March 2007

cosmo bachelor what?!

i am such a late bird. a late mean bird...

i only just saw the cosmo bachelors supplement now. and i was soooooooo disappointed with the centerfolds. i mean, putting mark herras there is such a big mistake because:

  1. he is so not a hunk,
  2. he is so not a hunk, and
  3. he is so not a hunk.

that is just so iffy.

and since when did guys looking like they've got nasal catarrh ever considered hunks? oh man, give me a break. is it me or is it just the world flipping out on me? or simply there is just a new definition for hunk?

if it's their definition, i'd probably just stick to the hulk. :)

but for the makers of the deal. enchong dee is the deal! a relatively cool guy, he manages to finish his 2nd year at dlsu. i mean, when almost all young actors aren't keen on getting a diploma, he is hell bent on it. wehe. yun lang. i mean, when they're all about the abs, i'm all about the brains and the abs as well..wehe, manyakis! omg, enchong dee, teach me the butterfly stroke!!!

fyi: i suck at this stroke. i can just do a once over. nothing more, nothing less. :)

anyways, SOMEBODY's distant cousin was featured there...

i was really surprised when my ate richelle informed me that her college crush to the nth level was included there. and i was like, "hwaaat?!". but really, there he was. the glorious hayden kho jr.

i remember the days...

...when i was barely in college when i was at ust to give my sister her keys to her cabinet. when suddenly, the girls (and gays) behind me were like, "ayun na siya. si hayden!", "oh my god, ang gwapo niya", "*sigh*". and i was just there, in total oblivion when i spotted him. i was like, thinking "so this is the guy that richie exalts.."

i can't understand the powers of this guy but the minute he stopped in front of where i was sitting, the people behind me let out an orchestrated sigh. he was smiling and looked accommodating and all so it seemed to me that he is a nice guy. so probably that's one thing that being nice can do. although he is good looking but maybe his nice disposition adds up to his total crush ng bayan factor.

so i guess that should be one criteria that the cosmo editorial staff should consider for picking out the next set of bachelors/hunks...

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