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Sunday, 1 April 2007

ang kwento ni mang abe


...my awakening into the rude world...

Recently, I chanced upon my older sister’s mementos and memorabilia from the past. I laughed my ass of when I saw the flyer for the children’s theatrical play, “Ang Kwento Ni Mang Abe”. See the illustration above...cool! Seeing that brought back so many memories and many other things such as dust bunnies and old notes from way back.

I just wondered why have they stopped producing or funding these kinds of shows? I know that they know that a lot would benefit from these kinds of projects. Great. Just great! Where were these shows when the world needs good manners?

Looking back shows like Batibot and Sesame Street has been my own virtual textbook. I learned my ABC’s and my 123’s in these shows. Not only that, I learned other day to day skills such as tying my shoelaces (c/o Robert Jaworski) and cleaning up after my mess (c/o Kuya Bodjie). I strengthened some of my values like saying po and opo to elders. Who can forget the magic words: sorry, thank you, and please?

But now, children has become a little bit of annoying. They don’t even know how to say sorry. Just a little while ago this morning when I attended the Palm Sunday Mass, a kid aged about 6 y/o wearing those annoying skate shoes stepped on my toe. I yelped in pain but the child didn’t even bother to say sorry. If that person wasn’t a kid, I’d probably turn into a Ms. Hyde. I’d intentionally step (or probably trample) on her foot while saying, “Sorry, jackass!”

I’m not saying that I’m the epitome of a perfect, polite child. All I am saying is that we should still remember these things because it’d make us better. Although it might sound so passé, it really does. Usually, polite people are more preferred than those who are not.

And as for me, nowadays I’m being polite when the situation calls for it…in situations like when the person in front of me is a polite one.

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rich said...

ay naku ha napaghahalataang ang aking 'artworks' ay dinudumog na ng mga dust bunnies.

Actually mas maganda yung "Si Habi-tabi at ang banal na aklat."

Tapos yung boyoyong palabas sa ABC-5 before lunch ata yun every sunday hahaha