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Thursday, 19 April 2007


oh well. so the date of the 2007 licensure exam for nurses draws near..and i am nowhere near ready. i have been stuck at home for a few weeks now and i am not going far reading my frickin' DOH book. i have to absorb all of that because during my four years of studying, i rarely laid my hands on that oh-so boring book. and now, it's kicking me in the ass. really hard.

another thing that has been adding up to my agitation is the in-house review that our school will have. it's supposed to start on may 15. a lot of my batchmates were alarmed to hear that we will be stagnant for a month so they decided to enroll in some review centers which they find good. so because of that they opted to stay out of the in-house review. unfortunately for some of us, the in-house review might be cancelled or fees might increase because of that.

so there. that is my dilemma. to review in or to review out. crap, if i had known that it would end up like that, i should've signed up for review classes in PRS...the only review center that i trust as of this moment. the last batch has already started and i am so pissed of by the recent turnout of events.

in my point of view its becoming an every man for himself situation. so now, i don't give a flying fuck on where everybody's going. if you're fighting for your survival, boy i will also fight hard for my own survival even if it means that i have to seclude myself away from the land of everybody else.

there. letting it all out feels so much better.

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