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Wednesday, 30 May 2007

in-house review chill time

fifty people were out to chill last monday, may 28. we went to the spc vigil house and the our lady of chartres convent. it was kinda nice because the sisters prayed over us and gave us some words of wisdom. here are some photos:

connie, mama les, moi, and carissa at our lady of chartres convent

the long way up...with a geriatric patient. hala, sino yun?!

then after that, ms. olivar, ms. dimalibot and sister bernie brought us to club manila east in taytay, rizal...it was such a treat!

after swimming photo op


wala lang, chilling out when you're toxic feels so much better. cool. :)

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

the ice queen speaks of coldness once again

i can't help it. the feeling of coldness and indifference is stuck in a rut in my mind right now.

i am not in the mood to be generous to some people who had been so selfish. i don't want them to stick to our asses and benefit once again. a lot of us was put in a very awkward position while some benefited from our discomforts.

its our time to benefit from what we have stayed for. it's high time to be selfish.

keep out. i don't want you here.

Sunday, 27 May 2007

who's that pokemon?! :D

woohoohoo! it has been two years since i have met my ultimate crush. he never fails to make me go gaga (silently and discreetly). meow! just look:

the picture that spawned a nasty rumor

what a dreamboat... can you see hearts and stars floating around? *charing!*. this guy can make all of those cosmo bachelors have a run for their money. *sighs dreamily*

i can still remember the jitters i had when i was the first scrub nurse on the orif case where he was the surgeon. that's one of the reasons why my or duty in pgh during the last days of my summer duty was sooooo interesting, aside from the fact that dr ang made me carry a fricking heavy leg that we had just amputated! don't misinterpret nor jump to conclusions or else you'll jump to your early disappearance. here's one way to rephrase: if you're so tigang in an all-girl environment and then you're gonna see this person (gorgeous at that) right beside you, sinong hindi kakabugin? bawal plastic...

sayang. i don't have a photo with the barako boy, kenny, and my little chinese mafia. :)

am just stressed. looking at gorgeous guys helps in relieving all these kinds of stress. haha!

Saturday, 26 May 2007

superheroes of everyday

hee-yok! i'm so into blog flooding now. i'm currently at home and i'm making the most out of our dsl connection. so i'm gonna write about my new heroes.

nursing practice hero: dra. carolina vera-llamanzares (photo coming soon)
she is the first independent nurse practitioner and a noted clinical psychologist in the country. dra llamanzares graduated magna cum laude from st paul manila nursing program. she is also became a president of the philippine student nurses association and was the board topnotcher of the nurse licensure exams on June, 1967.

i admire her because she makes great things out of nothing. i would like to emulate that attribute of hers. also she was so down to earth and maintains a very low profile despite her great achievements. i never knew that she was once a member of the board of nursing. and fashion wise, she looked so elegant during our pinning ceremony. winner! elegant chic si dra llamanzares! *wink, wink*

style hero: marie chin hofileña

chin (with the new haircut) and foncham

she is my batch mate in st paul manila. (hi chin!)

i looove her clothes and her sense of style. very un-generic and non-conformist, which makes her stand out from the crowd. she came to class wearing a deconstructed maternity dress and a white long sleeved top. i don’t have a photo but she really looks so fasyon. i'll try to get some photos na lang. some of her clothes are so eccentric but she can pull it off, making it seem like an ordinary shirt or frock. kaya girl, don't listen to snide comments about your clothes. sana ako din, makapagsuot ng ganon! grar! so fun and fearless, chin is my new style hero. period. eccentricity works so well with me.

coolness… :)

what's this?

maniniwala ka ba na danggit ito?

fossilized extraterrestrial fish?!

i saw this on zerah's dinner plate a couple of nights ago. it totally freaked out most of us. looks like an alien fish...haha!

and this is kc's baboy mode on:

garden salad, barbecued chicken wings and grilled tofu, banana split

this was our dinner during father james reuter’s birthday. gloria macapagal-arroyo was there. wala lang. masarap lang ang ulam pag may bisita…

delayed brain fart

for the past few days, i have been ranting and raving on how some people annoy me. i wasn’t able to post stuff here but i’ve got some pretty good and bad brain farts lately. so here goes one of it.

as i have said, i hate it when i am forced to do stuff that i don’t want to do. if i have already decided on it, just let me be. don’t ever dare to make me spin into circles again. i’ll crush your bones into dust.

and don’t go into this pathetic pleading that i should be with you. i am already one of you but that doesn’t mean that i have to be with you 24/7 wherever you want to drag my ass. well, i’ve got news for you: this ass stays right here. and crap, i nearly gave in.

again, don’t go on making me think and feel that i am so fucking stupid, because i’m not. nobody is. with what you’re doing, you’re making it seem like you did not learn anything. what are you, lost?

then again, don’t ask me what i’m doing if you’re just gonna do destructive criticisms on my activity and stress me up again by telling me what i should do and that annoying “i-told-you-so” litany. i know how to chill, unlike you. i hate toxic people and i’m sorry to say that you are becoming one of them just by not laying off on me.

i’m happy with the friends i have. i don’t need to be make myself feeling sorry that i don’t have new friends and not included in your power trips. i am happy with my friends and i must tell you that i got to know real people who i've been with for quite some time but never got the chance to know them well. who have you got again? and i don’t care if there’s nobody whose mouth is foaming at the sight of me. maybe i'm so fugly in that case and joining the bandwagon would make me so ethereally beautiful. eew. crap. just give me a break.

i chose to isolate myself and it’s up to me to realize what i have missed. what i experienced with you got me into thinking that i would have missed a lot if i have let you manipulate me.

here’s the lowdown: i didn’t miss anything. boo-hoo!
after all the stress that i've been through, this was the output of the negative energy. i'm sorry if you're hurt but that's how i saw it. but with all the brain farting to a few of my girls, i'm kinda ok now.

to end this evil mode, this is for the person who has been spreading false crap and bullshit about me: wala ka bang magawa? bibigyan kita ng gagawin…inggit ka lang kasi! nyahahaha!

Monday, 21 May 2007

review review lang!

so this is the end of the first week of my nursing review here in st. paul. since i was in a few days of blogging hiatus, let me jumpstart my newfound fascination of using the dorm's wiFi by having this little evaluation of what i experienced in my first week.

basically,the dorm is still the same since the last time i stayed here. although the bathroom was renovated, the rooms were still the same except for the aircons in the open room. i just don't know about the closed rooms. secondly, the food is so yummy. crap, i think i may have gained weight after losing some in my bum phase. but that's ok. i learned to live with my voluptuous figure (charing!) and i love it!

as for the review,i am so hapy with their line-up of reviewers. with the big buck that our parents spent, it was good. i have learned a lot from our fundamentals of nursing reviewer, mrs. joy estable. she taught some techniques in answering some test questions which i think would help me a lot in the board exams. i did well on both the pre-test and post-test and i hope that i do the same in the board exams. of course with the results that i have got, i should not be too confident nor too lazy. i need to work extra hard on other subject areas...like the crappy chn. say this with me: eew. boring!

about the dorm life escapades, i am enjoying here. i learn a lot from my colleagues even if i prefer to study on my own. kakatawa kasi ngayon ko lang na-absorb ang nursing theories. crap, if i had paid attention to that a long time ago, it wouldn't kick me hard in the ass.

i am with carissa, connie and mama les very often. laugh trip dito, laugh trip doon; brain fart dito, brain fart doon ang drama namin. saya!

brain farting is what keeps me sane in this place. i have a lot of angst reserved in my thoughts and i have my friends to hear all of that. just don’t let me start right now. expect more of those from me…

disclaimer: this was supposed to be posted on may 20, 2007…bad trip, disabled ang wiFi!

Saturday, 19 May 2007

lookie here!

i am in such a high state of happiness (read: nirvana). i have one of the things from my wishlist...

...lying on my dorm bed...

hay. ang saya...love in the time of cholera atsaka my memories of my melancholy whores na lang..*gleeful*

thanks ate richie! grar!

play around

they say food is one thing that you should not mess with. i beg to disagree. look at what mama raen, hot baby jocell, isabel, hot lissa, gladys, and i made:

check it out!

galing no? we’ve created a no-bake goodie. want to know what’s in it? first, i’ll tell how it all started.

we we’re all so frickin’ bored and stressed out of our minds so we decided to eat. mama raen, lissa, isabel, and gladys brought in stuff to our room. so we were tripping with all of those food around us so we all combined what we have.

so here are the ingredients. no specific measurements necessary.

soda crackers, or any form of crackers at that
shaved chocolate
cashew nuts
strawberry cream gummy candy
crumbed fudgee bar (any variant)
vienna sausage

yep, we made that. nobody but me dared to eat that. masarap naman kahit parang napag-tripan ng adik…

try it. bon appetit! haha.

random thoughts part 2

mark noticed that i have been using the word “crap” frequently. i reviewed all of my blog entries and there were some entries peppered with the word “crap”. not only that, some of the e-mails, text messages, and friendster messages and comments that i wrote in the past few weeks were not safe from my “crap craze”.

i guess saying crap is much better than saying its Filipino counterpart, which is “tae”. crap is less offensive in a way unlike tae. before i was using tae when my mom heard me and scolded me for it. so i changed it to crap na lang. i tried saying crap in front of my mom and i got away with it. haha. well, i’m just happy that mommy was not with me when i applied in the prc and that she isn’t reading my blog. she might have bitten my head off when she heard me say all of those things that i have enumerated (see my blog entry, entitled holy crap).

mommy hates it when my siblings and i curse. daddy just lets it pass when he hears us curse in fits of anger…he does that anyway so he thinks that he is not in the position to scold us. i just love it when ate richie tells her imbyerna mode experiences at work.

ate richie: alam mo ba yung patient ko sa room 500 nakaka-bad trip. ang toxic na nagmamayaman pa. isa namang hampas lupa! bumanat ba naman yung relative na, “sana sa st. luke’s na lang kami nagpa-admit kasi blah..blah”. eh di dun kayo manoxic. tapos biglang magpapalipat sa charity. mga h- (stops and takes a bite off the banana)
kc, charmaine, toper: (looks at each other)
kc: whoo, tumigil siya, alam ko naman yung sasabihin mo. (looks at mom and covers side of face facing mom then mouths HAYOP)
ate richie, kc, charmaine, toper: (falls into fits of laughter)
mommy: (oblivious mode) ano yun?!

it pays to be discreet. :)


i am currently loving incubus’ song, “i miss you” once again. it sounds so melancholic but romantic at the same time. that’s why i was totally psyched when i saw that mark posted its lyrics on my testimonials and comments. i liked the line, “To see you when I wake up is a gift I didn’t think could be real. to know that you feel the same as I do is a three-fold, utopian dream”. and no, i am not going emo!


i learned two words.

word #1: fugly- short for fucking ugly
word #2: emo- short for emotive. commonly mistaken as a diminutive for emotional. it is actually a genre of music and not a lifestyle. but of course, it has generally evolved so it is also considered as a lifestyle.

but what is the difference between emo and punk lifestyle? here’s how to put it:
emo: i hate myself
punk: i hate the world

just check out the urban dictionary site ( http://www.urbandictionary.com/) and you’ll find out the meaning of many new words popping out nowadays.


i am having an in-house review here in st. paul. the conditions are that we won’t have our phones with us, no laptops or any form of distraction. ooh, the anxiety! pero *ahem* takas tong laptop..nakikigamit ng wiFi sa dorm! hahaha..

but what the heck, if it is for my future career i’m gonna do it. ano kaya yung future career ko, nurse or physician (either anesthesiologist, toxicologist or surgeon)? *whee!*

ay ambisyosa mode na naman ako dahil napag-usapan ang med school. nyahaha!


last na: plugs galore!

i will be taking the nurses’ licensure exam on june 10 and 11. please pray for me and our batch, les dames compatissantes de jesus, st. paul university manila bsn batch 2007, will have a 100% passing rate. it’s good to know that all 92 of us graduated and still, all 92 of us would go to araneta coliseum or cuneta astrodome to have our oath-taking. many thanks to all who have prayed for us and who will pray for us. god bless you all and see you when i see you. hey, i’ll be locked up inside the school, you know.


i’ll just keep you guys posted. till next time! ciao! :)

Friday, 18 May 2007

random thoughts part 1

random thoughts that i should’ve posted last may 14 and 15 but i wasn’t able to. blogger is crapping bugged.


i have been sharing my evil thoughts to some friends. i really appreciate that because they don’t immediately judge me. they take time to empathize and listen to me. i was psyched to hear some of the words of wisdom from mark (a.k.a. buboy) and dr. estil. it’s like refreshing to hear that other people aside from your family do not jump the gun, listen and just say the most sensible things. sweet.


my gay-ish girrrl friend mimi dizon (ayan, special mention ka na!) and i were chatting a few days ago and she was raving about how she wants to check out a pair of havaianas since everybody was so into the havaianas craze. according to her, she has never laid her hands on a pair so she couldn’t understand why such the fuss over expensive rubber flip flops. ironically, mimi is so dead frugal but is willing to spend the big buck on an exclusive hayden kho jr. photo *snicker*.

she asked me if she was a total doofus not to hold one. i said no and then i told her that i must be one of the last persons (my sister charmaine included) in the whole of st. paul manila not owning a pair. she was so surprised because she knew that i was a “tsinelas freak” (she was the one who coined that term for me) so she thought i own one.

really, i have nothing against havaianas and those who buy it but i am just not fond of that. plainly, i am too kuripot to spend 900 bucks on a rubber slipper. haha. and another thing is that my love for keds is everlasting. charing! but then, i find some of its designs really cool. i liked the world cup edition wherein the emblem of spain was on the straps (viva españa!). but then again, i didn’t buy that because i thought that there was new stuff coming in from keds so passed the chance. unfortunately, there was no new stuff from keds and the “spain” stocks disappeared fast. but i didn’t regret that because a lot of crap was needed to be paid and i don’t want to be a total parasite to my mom and dad.

the big question is: would the kuripot queen miriam therese gosiengfiao dizon buy a pair? ooh, exciting.


eew. i have been hearing some icky things. i have already posted that i don’t want to be steam rollered into stuff that i don’t want to be in. just because pagong is my mom’s friend doesn’t mean that i have to be sweet to his son. what the fuck?! this is my life. this isn’t the 18th century. i just hate it when my mom says stuff to butter up her friend. i have already broadcasted into our entire household about mark and my disbelief. ugh, give me a break. ayokong maging plastic. lay off will you?

Sunday, 13 May 2007

family reunion

just this morning, we came home from our "family reunion". its not a big hotshot gathering but a simple one at that. it was my auntie guritte's bright idea since charmaine's birthday is on the 23rd and kuya emil's birthday is on the 22nd. we rarely have the chance to get together since we live away from the oville compound in pulong santa cruz. we had an overnight stay at patio damiano.

although we were not complete, we were happy. ang gulo namin kaya masaya. we did a lot of catching up on each other (since i was living on the other side of the planet) and most especially the chika chenes sessions with my auntie simple.

what i looked forward to is the "politically correct/incorrect" conversations with my sisters and our cousin jaristi who has intelligence of extraterrestrial proportions (in the oville clan lang to!). we guys usually think in the same wavelength that's why we click.

i think we're gonna do it again but we don't know when.

happy mother's day

i'll be having a post overflow today. but this is the most important entry for today: happy mother's day to all of the moms out there!!!

this is my mom with daddy and me on my graduation last march 18, 2007:

although she drives us nuts, my siblings (ate richie, toper and charmaine) and i love her to the core. she's an avid collector of euphorbia and she gets really excited if one of her plants bears flowers or changes colors. our day will not be complete if we won't hear her say, "hello flowers!" to all of the plants in her mini-garden.

we are so lucky to have her because she lets us be independent. i learned to be street-wise, manila style when i was in first year high school. making their children ride public transpo alone while running errands in makati is something that most parents would do. well, we did just that. times were hard for us that time so we have to do it. at least i haven't been a total crybaby (no offense!) when i slept in the dorm for the first time.

so there. viva il mamma!

DIY freak

as the title implies, yes i have become a do-it-yourself freak. i prefer that it is only moi who has this kind of design or something. since i cannot and will not buy expensive designer items (kuripot eh!) because of its limited stocks, i tried to tweak or make some of my stuff. i have cut off a portion off of some of my denim jeans and have our mananahi make some alterations or hems on it to make a cool pair of capris or shorts. oh, i have also ripped some of my moms' old dresses and turned it into nifty skirts. but of course i chose what is rip worthy from the non rip worthy dresses. i am currently experimenting on shirts.

and i also have to give credit to ate buena and ate carol. they are the ones who usually do stuff on the sewing machine. i don't know how to use the electric machines because i am more familiar with the granny sewing machine that i used during grade school days.

another stuff i tweaked are some of my old bags. here are some photos:

this is a crocheted bag lying around the house. i have sewn a denim lining inside it and a layer of pompoms to adorn it and just added a zipper.

this bag i have on this picture is the one whose baubles fell off after a grueling day at the prc. so i got a few of our old chandelier crystals and sewed it onto the blank areas.

i also made some of my accessories but those are only few. masyadong mabusisi kasi kaya kinatatamaran kong gawin. actually, i have an idea on how to make those thin chain necklaces like those on teen vogue but i'm too lazy to do it though so i don't know if the idea is good or not.

i'll try to post some photos of my other stuff next time…

Thursday, 10 May 2007


a couple of days ago, acer (the laptop) and i was reunited. i was tinkering on my photos when i chanced up on these photos taken at pgh tcvs.

ambisyosang lukaret. feeling na isang ganap na anesthesiologist! *snicker*
ang mahiwagang trolley

so again, my intent in entering med school was stirred. i thought hard and came up with a plan of action:

  • fill up the ust med, uerm, and up med (oops, mas feeling!) application form and submit with the other requirements
  • take the nmat on december 2007
  • get the results
  • if nmat grade is satisfactory: cool. submit nmat result and then wait for the list of accepted applicants
  • if nmat grade is not satisfactory: look for other schools or just get a job (because by that time i’m already 21 so i am entitled to work)

i have nothing to lose…there’s no harm in trying.

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

big cats

i've been seeing a lot of cats in our house lately. they are probably trying to make evil kitty notice them. so far toper, charmaine and i have managed to name two of them. we named one the orange cat and the other is pusang may bell since the cat has, well, a bell on its neck. one night i was in front of this pc when i heard heavy meowing inside my ate richie's room and there i saw orange cat and pusang may bell fighting. they managed to get in by forcing themselves through a small opening in ate richie's room.

this afternoon, charmaine and i were at our room watching tv and saw pusang may bell enter through the rip in the terrace gate screen. the rip was made by evil kitty so she can go out whenever she wants. but my sister and i found out that other cats were using that rip to get in. anyway, pusang may bell just sniffed around and went out eventually. i crept silently and took photos of pusang may bell lying down on the unfinished terrace that is now mommy's mini-garden.

here is what pusang may bell looks like:

i can't take photos of orange cat. looks rabid. scares the living daylights out of me. but i'll try to. i'll post them as soon as i have successfully taken a photo...without me being scratched or bitten.

aba, walang gamot sa rabies at mahirap magkaron ng rabies no!

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

holy crap

today, one of the first things that i saw on the road upon going to 7-11 pedro gil is a huge lump of dog poo. i didn't know that what i saw would be a clue to what would be happening to me today.

because this day was a very crappy day for me...

imbyerna mode on: i went to prc manila today with my friends. it was only a few minutes past 8 am but there were lots of people lined up to enter prc. and it really did go around a block or two. when we got in, this was the scene:

so there. in every corner, that is what it really looks like. it was so humid and i was sweating like hell. the place was really cramped up. like what jen said, “skin to skin”. eew. yeah, it was. people kept pushing each other so there was virtually no space in between. the baubles on my bag got wiped out and there were ugly ink marks on a corner as a result of this space-less area. as ghastly as the edifice looked, i still went on with the application process so that i won’t come back again. ever. well, at least during the application filing period...

i hate the heat. i hate perspiring so much. i hate disorganized events. i hate…ugh, what i just said! whatever is written here in this section is rolled into one…and that is prc.

nothing good came out of my mouth today. let me enumerate:
> punyeta
> leche
> bwisit
> tang ina (used in moderation)
> crap
> shit
> holy crap

and don’t let me start on the obvious disarray of the procedures of prc. (but i'm gonna start anyway). the procedures written at the back of the action form was not (and will not be) implemented. there were no landmarks that would make the applicants know the window that they are lining up for. i lined up for like 2 times on the queue for the wrong window. that was the reason that made the applicants take so much time filing their crappy requirements.

but the long lines were not their fault. there was also a mistake on the part of the applicants.

ka-imbyerna talaga. kasi naman ang daming mga sumisingit. kaya nga naging voltron the defender of the universe yung isa kong ka-row na itatago ko sa pangalang ate venus. literal na nagpapalayas ng mga peste at nakakaimbyernang mga singit. tapos yun pang mga hindi marunong pumila, kaasar! grar! kaya nasasabi ko na lang, “ang mga singit maagang namamatay”.

but with this experience, i learned that:
1. the early bird gets outsmarted by the aggressive birds
2. oscar worthy acting is a must-have survival skill
3. don’t come near a voltron, defender of the universe because you’ll risk losing your head
4. befriend a voltron as a survival skill in this singit infested environment
5. drinking a bottle of Gatorade brought by mark a.k.a. buboy makes your day after having your last drink at 10 am
6. you should and must not fail the board exams or else, you’ll experience this kind of hell on earth again.

…which I do NOT intend to experience once more!

maarte na kung maarte pero kapag na-experience nyo yang magulong application process plus masikip at mainit na lugar, maiimbyerna din kayo. pero ika nga, "no pain, no gain". so parang, di bale ng mag-amoy lupa basta makapag-exam lang.


Sunday, 6 May 2007

last few days of chill time...

so now i have been blogging lately. for the next few weeks, i will not be able to do so because my in-house review will start. i have to really focus now because i have already some weeks logged on to the net, watching tv, and finishing the doh/chn book.

yesterday, i was out with my ate richie. we went to festival mall to check out if there are any stuff to buy. my main goal is to have my watch's bracelet repaired and look for that oh-so elusive copy of gabriel garcia marquez's novel, "love in the time of cholera". when we got there, there was no good stuff to buy but i was able to have the bracelet repaired.

i was kinda euphoric because i saved a lot of dough. but my spirits dwindled low when i saw that there was no available copy of that book! sad. but i saw a lot of other books from garcia-marquez. the book entitled "of love and other demons" seems very intriguing because it's about a 12-year old girl who was bitten by a rabid dog and eventually got rabid too. she was thought to be possessed by evil spirits and was sent to the parish priest for exorcism. eventually, the priest discovers "passion" inside him that was evoked by the girl...at least that was the info on the back cover said. another is the "memories of my melancholy whores", which seems to be an interesting read as well.

i want to buy them all!!! so when i looked at the price tags, holy crap! each book's price starts at 400+ bucks. good luck! i can't spend so much yet since i have to file my application for the board exams in the crappy prc building..plus, baka ma-jinx ako. haha!

anyway, after the board exams i'll be off reading again a lot of novels. my dad would surely yell at me again if he sees me reading while lying down. but one thing is for sure, he can't make me stop reading.

peace out!

Friday, 4 May 2007

who's who

o, kilala mo pa ba sila?

kung nakilala mo, ayos! pareho tayong nanonood nito dati nung tayo'y mga toto at nene pa lang. lahat ito palabas sa ibc-13 every saturday, 5:00 PM hanggang 6:00 PM (yata). basta parte na yan ng schedule ko ng saturday tv viewing.

natawa nga ako nung nakita ko na palabas ulit sa hero tv yung shaider. sobrang crush ko si alexis dati. kaya nga nung narinig ko na deds na pala si ginoong hiroshi tsuburaya (yung gumanap na alexis), nalungkot ako. napakalaki ng nagawa niya para hindi maging boring ang hapon ko tuwing sabado kaya saludo ako sa kanya. :)

balita ko magkakaroon ng tv series sa gma ang shaider, maskman, at bioman. nyeta, ayusin nila yan lalo na yung shaider. kapag isang nagbibinaklang artista yung gumanap na shaider, hay naku, parang nilapastangan nyo na rin ang alaala ni hiroshi tsuburaya. (ay, kamag-anak?!)

o kung hindi na naaalala, yung #1 si alexis ng shaider, #2 yung maskman, at #3 yung bioman. sos, ayaw lang umamin na naging jologs din siya! joke!

Thursday, 3 May 2007

just a thought..

today i was at my aunt's house in pulong sta. cruz, in sta. rosa laguna. i haven't been there since the holy week so i have a lot to catch up on about my cousin who's an incoming college freshman.

bryan was steam rollered by our auntie early to take up nursing since she's gonna be the one to pay for his fees. unfortunately, he wasn't accepted because he has this low score in science. but the exams show that he has an exceptional ability in math and english. so now, he is considering taking up either computer engineering or accountancy. i just don't know now what he's gonna choose between the two.

i have opened up to auntie simple that i don't think that bryan is suited for nursing. and i was also relieved to hear that she also thinks so because even before, science wasn't bryan's strongest suit. even papa joe was very happy to hear that bryan wasn't accepted. they both think that there are already so many nurses that other industries lose manpower. and also three nurses in the family are enough...they suggested that i pursue medicine. (yeah, right!)

i'm glad that my cousin can do something that he was good at. i really think that he will succeed at that. plus he can practice independence because the decision is all up to him. also he can break free from what high school has molded him to be..an academically average person. he still has lots to discover about himself with new people and environment. so it is really a big step if he can let go of those high school stereotypes.

with that, i'm happy for him.

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

wish list follow-up

o ayan, for those those extra toxic people who are expecting so much from me, here are the bags that i want:

photos from LeSportSac.com

mahilo sa kakahanap...kulit kasi eh..

board exam motivation wish list

a lot of people who know my mom keep on telling me how "magaling" i am because i finished college without any failures or back subjects. the only thing is that they follow it up with, "sana pumasa ka sa board o di kaya mag-top ten ka". nyeta, it puts a lot of pressure on me!

wala bang incentive? if they would give me one, here's what i have in store for them:

BOOKS (for this certified bookworm)
  1. harry potter and the deathly hallows
  2. p.s. i love you by cecelia ahern
  3. a dog of flanders by marie louise de la ramee (a.k.a. ouida)
  4. lonely planet travel guide to spain
  5. any book from gabriel garcia-marquez
  6. artworks of vincent van gogh (i forgot the publisher)
  7. principles of surgery 7th edition. joke!

NOT FOR ME (but for our pets)

  1. one year supply of any kitty chow for evil kitty
  2. one year supply of puppy chow for puppy (a.k.a. bingo)

STUFF THAT I WANT THAT'S NOT AVAILABLE LOCALLY (that would probably not be sold here in a million years)

  1. a tokidoki by lesportsac backpack or satchel, or a tote bag...(pics coming soon)
  2. a pair of sneakers or sandals from keds...(as shown on my previous entry)
  3. jem and the holograms, my little pony, care bears, beavis and butthead, rainbow brite, scooby doo, and smurfs print shirts

ULTIMATE! (stuff that i want...but i don't actually need)

  1. samsung k3 or microsoft zune
  2. sony ericsson k790i or w580i
  3. my very own anesthesia machine. joke ulit!

KALANDIAN (haay...pabango! tanging luho ko sa katawan. keeps me smelling fresh all day...iwas jabar tool)

  1. escada rockin' rio eau de toilette
  2. woods of windsor mimosa eau de toilette
  3. magic romance or secret wish by anna sui
  4. dkny be delicious red eau de parfum
  5. victoria's secret body splash- pure seduction variant
  6. dior me dior me not or chris 1947 by christian dior (like what daddy gave us)

would they still expect a lot from me now that i have completely specified the stuff that can help motivate me? with great toxicity, comes great gifts. haha!

sabi na eh, ayoko ng mga toxic!

so are you planning to make my life so damned toxic? if so, just take note of the list above.

*evil laugh*