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Wednesday, 9 May 2007

big cats

i've been seeing a lot of cats in our house lately. they are probably trying to make evil kitty notice them. so far toper, charmaine and i have managed to name two of them. we named one the orange cat and the other is pusang may bell since the cat has, well, a bell on its neck. one night i was in front of this pc when i heard heavy meowing inside my ate richie's room and there i saw orange cat and pusang may bell fighting. they managed to get in by forcing themselves through a small opening in ate richie's room.

this afternoon, charmaine and i were at our room watching tv and saw pusang may bell enter through the rip in the terrace gate screen. the rip was made by evil kitty so she can go out whenever she wants. but my sister and i found out that other cats were using that rip to get in. anyway, pusang may bell just sniffed around and went out eventually. i crept silently and took photos of pusang may bell lying down on the unfinished terrace that is now mommy's mini-garden.

here is what pusang may bell looks like:

i can't take photos of orange cat. looks rabid. scares the living daylights out of me. but i'll try to. i'll post them as soon as i have successfully taken a photo...without me being scratched or bitten.

aba, walang gamot sa rabies at mahirap magkaron ng rabies no!

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