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Thursday, 10 May 2007


a couple of days ago, acer (the laptop) and i was reunited. i was tinkering on my photos when i chanced up on these photos taken at pgh tcvs.

ambisyosang lukaret. feeling na isang ganap na anesthesiologist! *snicker*
ang mahiwagang trolley

so again, my intent in entering med school was stirred. i thought hard and came up with a plan of action:

  • fill up the ust med, uerm, and up med (oops, mas feeling!) application form and submit with the other requirements
  • take the nmat on december 2007
  • get the results
  • if nmat grade is satisfactory: cool. submit nmat result and then wait for the list of accepted applicants
  • if nmat grade is not satisfactory: look for other schools or just get a job (because by that time i’m already 21 so i am entitled to work)

i have nothing to lose…there’s no harm in trying.

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