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Saturday, 26 May 2007

delayed brain fart

for the past few days, i have been ranting and raving on how some people annoy me. i wasn’t able to post stuff here but i’ve got some pretty good and bad brain farts lately. so here goes one of it.

as i have said, i hate it when i am forced to do stuff that i don’t want to do. if i have already decided on it, just let me be. don’t ever dare to make me spin into circles again. i’ll crush your bones into dust.

and don’t go into this pathetic pleading that i should be with you. i am already one of you but that doesn’t mean that i have to be with you 24/7 wherever you want to drag my ass. well, i’ve got news for you: this ass stays right here. and crap, i nearly gave in.

again, don’t go on making me think and feel that i am so fucking stupid, because i’m not. nobody is. with what you’re doing, you’re making it seem like you did not learn anything. what are you, lost?

then again, don’t ask me what i’m doing if you’re just gonna do destructive criticisms on my activity and stress me up again by telling me what i should do and that annoying “i-told-you-so” litany. i know how to chill, unlike you. i hate toxic people and i’m sorry to say that you are becoming one of them just by not laying off on me.

i’m happy with the friends i have. i don’t need to be make myself feeling sorry that i don’t have new friends and not included in your power trips. i am happy with my friends and i must tell you that i got to know real people who i've been with for quite some time but never got the chance to know them well. who have you got again? and i don’t care if there’s nobody whose mouth is foaming at the sight of me. maybe i'm so fugly in that case and joining the bandwagon would make me so ethereally beautiful. eew. crap. just give me a break.

i chose to isolate myself and it’s up to me to realize what i have missed. what i experienced with you got me into thinking that i would have missed a lot if i have let you manipulate me.

here’s the lowdown: i didn’t miss anything. boo-hoo!
after all the stress that i've been through, this was the output of the negative energy. i'm sorry if you're hurt but that's how i saw it. but with all the brain farting to a few of my girls, i'm kinda ok now.

to end this evil mode, this is for the person who has been spreading false crap and bullshit about me: wala ka bang magawa? bibigyan kita ng gagawin…inggit ka lang kasi! nyahahaha!

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