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Sunday, 13 May 2007

DIY freak

as the title implies, yes i have become a do-it-yourself freak. i prefer that it is only moi who has this kind of design or something. since i cannot and will not buy expensive designer items (kuripot eh!) because of its limited stocks, i tried to tweak or make some of my stuff. i have cut off a portion off of some of my denim jeans and have our mananahi make some alterations or hems on it to make a cool pair of capris or shorts. oh, i have also ripped some of my moms' old dresses and turned it into nifty skirts. but of course i chose what is rip worthy from the non rip worthy dresses. i am currently experimenting on shirts.

and i also have to give credit to ate buena and ate carol. they are the ones who usually do stuff on the sewing machine. i don't know how to use the electric machines because i am more familiar with the granny sewing machine that i used during grade school days.

another stuff i tweaked are some of my old bags. here are some photos:

this is a crocheted bag lying around the house. i have sewn a denim lining inside it and a layer of pompoms to adorn it and just added a zipper.

this bag i have on this picture is the one whose baubles fell off after a grueling day at the prc. so i got a few of our old chandelier crystals and sewed it onto the blank areas.

i also made some of my accessories but those are only few. masyadong mabusisi kasi kaya kinatatamaran kong gawin. actually, i have an idea on how to make those thin chain necklaces like those on teen vogue but i'm too lazy to do it though so i don't know if the idea is good or not.

i'll try to post some photos of my other stuff next time…

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