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Sunday, 13 May 2007

family reunion

just this morning, we came home from our "family reunion". its not a big hotshot gathering but a simple one at that. it was my auntie guritte's bright idea since charmaine's birthday is on the 23rd and kuya emil's birthday is on the 22nd. we rarely have the chance to get together since we live away from the oville compound in pulong santa cruz. we had an overnight stay at patio damiano.

although we were not complete, we were happy. ang gulo namin kaya masaya. we did a lot of catching up on each other (since i was living on the other side of the planet) and most especially the chika chenes sessions with my auntie simple.

what i looked forward to is the "politically correct/incorrect" conversations with my sisters and our cousin jaristi who has intelligence of extraterrestrial proportions (in the oville clan lang to!). we guys usually think in the same wavelength that's why we click.

i think we're gonna do it again but we don't know when.

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