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Sunday, 13 May 2007

happy mother's day

i'll be having a post overflow today. but this is the most important entry for today: happy mother's day to all of the moms out there!!!

this is my mom with daddy and me on my graduation last march 18, 2007:

although she drives us nuts, my siblings (ate richie, toper and charmaine) and i love her to the core. she's an avid collector of euphorbia and she gets really excited if one of her plants bears flowers or changes colors. our day will not be complete if we won't hear her say, "hello flowers!" to all of the plants in her mini-garden.

we are so lucky to have her because she lets us be independent. i learned to be street-wise, manila style when i was in first year high school. making their children ride public transpo alone while running errands in makati is something that most parents would do. well, we did just that. times were hard for us that time so we have to do it. at least i haven't been a total crybaby (no offense!) when i slept in the dorm for the first time.

so there. viva il mamma!

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