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Tuesday, 8 May 2007

holy crap

today, one of the first things that i saw on the road upon going to 7-11 pedro gil is a huge lump of dog poo. i didn't know that what i saw would be a clue to what would be happening to me today.

because this day was a very crappy day for me...

imbyerna mode on: i went to prc manila today with my friends. it was only a few minutes past 8 am but there were lots of people lined up to enter prc. and it really did go around a block or two. when we got in, this was the scene:

so there. in every corner, that is what it really looks like. it was so humid and i was sweating like hell. the place was really cramped up. like what jen said, “skin to skin”. eew. yeah, it was. people kept pushing each other so there was virtually no space in between. the baubles on my bag got wiped out and there were ugly ink marks on a corner as a result of this space-less area. as ghastly as the edifice looked, i still went on with the application process so that i won’t come back again. ever. well, at least during the application filing period...

i hate the heat. i hate perspiring so much. i hate disorganized events. i hate…ugh, what i just said! whatever is written here in this section is rolled into one…and that is prc.

nothing good came out of my mouth today. let me enumerate:
> punyeta
> leche
> bwisit
> tang ina (used in moderation)
> crap
> shit
> holy crap

and don’t let me start on the obvious disarray of the procedures of prc. (but i'm gonna start anyway). the procedures written at the back of the action form was not (and will not be) implemented. there were no landmarks that would make the applicants know the window that they are lining up for. i lined up for like 2 times on the queue for the wrong window. that was the reason that made the applicants take so much time filing their crappy requirements.

but the long lines were not their fault. there was also a mistake on the part of the applicants.

ka-imbyerna talaga. kasi naman ang daming mga sumisingit. kaya nga naging voltron the defender of the universe yung isa kong ka-row na itatago ko sa pangalang ate venus. literal na nagpapalayas ng mga peste at nakakaimbyernang mga singit. tapos yun pang mga hindi marunong pumila, kaasar! grar! kaya nasasabi ko na lang, “ang mga singit maagang namamatay”.

but with this experience, i learned that:
1. the early bird gets outsmarted by the aggressive birds
2. oscar worthy acting is a must-have survival skill
3. don’t come near a voltron, defender of the universe because you’ll risk losing your head
4. befriend a voltron as a survival skill in this singit infested environment
5. drinking a bottle of Gatorade brought by mark a.k.a. buboy makes your day after having your last drink at 10 am
6. you should and must not fail the board exams or else, you’ll experience this kind of hell on earth again.

…which I do NOT intend to experience once more!

maarte na kung maarte pero kapag na-experience nyo yang magulong application process plus masikip at mainit na lugar, maiimbyerna din kayo. pero ika nga, "no pain, no gain". so parang, di bale ng mag-amoy lupa basta makapag-exam lang.


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