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Thursday, 3 May 2007

just a thought..

today i was at my aunt's house in pulong sta. cruz, in sta. rosa laguna. i haven't been there since the holy week so i have a lot to catch up on about my cousin who's an incoming college freshman.

bryan was steam rollered by our auntie early to take up nursing since she's gonna be the one to pay for his fees. unfortunately, he wasn't accepted because he has this low score in science. but the exams show that he has an exceptional ability in math and english. so now, he is considering taking up either computer engineering or accountancy. i just don't know now what he's gonna choose between the two.

i have opened up to auntie simple that i don't think that bryan is suited for nursing. and i was also relieved to hear that she also thinks so because even before, science wasn't bryan's strongest suit. even papa joe was very happy to hear that bryan wasn't accepted. they both think that there are already so many nurses that other industries lose manpower. and also three nurses in the family are enough...they suggested that i pursue medicine. (yeah, right!)

i'm glad that my cousin can do something that he was good at. i really think that he will succeed at that. plus he can practice independence because the decision is all up to him. also he can break free from what high school has molded him to be..an academically average person. he still has lots to discover about himself with new people and environment. so it is really a big step if he can let go of those high school stereotypes.

with that, i'm happy for him.

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