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Sunday, 6 May 2007

last few days of chill time...

so now i have been blogging lately. for the next few weeks, i will not be able to do so because my in-house review will start. i have to really focus now because i have already some weeks logged on to the net, watching tv, and finishing the doh/chn book.

yesterday, i was out with my ate richie. we went to festival mall to check out if there are any stuff to buy. my main goal is to have my watch's bracelet repaired and look for that oh-so elusive copy of gabriel garcia marquez's novel, "love in the time of cholera". when we got there, there was no good stuff to buy but i was able to have the bracelet repaired.

i was kinda euphoric because i saved a lot of dough. but my spirits dwindled low when i saw that there was no available copy of that book! sad. but i saw a lot of other books from garcia-marquez. the book entitled "of love and other demons" seems very intriguing because it's about a 12-year old girl who was bitten by a rabid dog and eventually got rabid too. she was thought to be possessed by evil spirits and was sent to the parish priest for exorcism. eventually, the priest discovers "passion" inside him that was evoked by the girl...at least that was the info on the back cover said. another is the "memories of my melancholy whores", which seems to be an interesting read as well.

i want to buy them all!!! so when i looked at the price tags, holy crap! each book's price starts at 400+ bucks. good luck! i can't spend so much yet since i have to file my application for the board exams in the crappy prc building..plus, baka ma-jinx ako. haha!

anyway, after the board exams i'll be off reading again a lot of novels. my dad would surely yell at me again if he sees me reading while lying down. but one thing is for sure, he can't make me stop reading.

peace out!

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