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Friday, 18 May 2007

random thoughts part 1

random thoughts that i should’ve posted last may 14 and 15 but i wasn’t able to. blogger is crapping bugged.


i have been sharing my evil thoughts to some friends. i really appreciate that because they don’t immediately judge me. they take time to empathize and listen to me. i was psyched to hear some of the words of wisdom from mark (a.k.a. buboy) and dr. estil. it’s like refreshing to hear that other people aside from your family do not jump the gun, listen and just say the most sensible things. sweet.


my gay-ish girrrl friend mimi dizon (ayan, special mention ka na!) and i were chatting a few days ago and she was raving about how she wants to check out a pair of havaianas since everybody was so into the havaianas craze. according to her, she has never laid her hands on a pair so she couldn’t understand why such the fuss over expensive rubber flip flops. ironically, mimi is so dead frugal but is willing to spend the big buck on an exclusive hayden kho jr. photo *snicker*.

she asked me if she was a total doofus not to hold one. i said no and then i told her that i must be one of the last persons (my sister charmaine included) in the whole of st. paul manila not owning a pair. she was so surprised because she knew that i was a “tsinelas freak” (she was the one who coined that term for me) so she thought i own one.

really, i have nothing against havaianas and those who buy it but i am just not fond of that. plainly, i am too kuripot to spend 900 bucks on a rubber slipper. haha. and another thing is that my love for keds is everlasting. charing! but then, i find some of its designs really cool. i liked the world cup edition wherein the emblem of spain was on the straps (viva españa!). but then again, i didn’t buy that because i thought that there was new stuff coming in from keds so passed the chance. unfortunately, there was no new stuff from keds and the “spain” stocks disappeared fast. but i didn’t regret that because a lot of crap was needed to be paid and i don’t want to be a total parasite to my mom and dad.

the big question is: would the kuripot queen miriam therese gosiengfiao dizon buy a pair? ooh, exciting.


eew. i have been hearing some icky things. i have already posted that i don’t want to be steam rollered into stuff that i don’t want to be in. just because pagong is my mom’s friend doesn’t mean that i have to be sweet to his son. what the fuck?! this is my life. this isn’t the 18th century. i just hate it when my mom says stuff to butter up her friend. i have already broadcasted into our entire household about mark and my disbelief. ugh, give me a break. ayokong maging plastic. lay off will you?