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Saturday, 19 May 2007

play around

they say food is one thing that you should not mess with. i beg to disagree. look at what mama raen, hot baby jocell, isabel, hot lissa, gladys, and i made:

check it out!

galing no? we’ve created a no-bake goodie. want to know what’s in it? first, i’ll tell how it all started.

we we’re all so frickin’ bored and stressed out of our minds so we decided to eat. mama raen, lissa, isabel, and gladys brought in stuff to our room. so we were tripping with all of those food around us so we all combined what we have.

so here are the ingredients. no specific measurements necessary.

soda crackers, or any form of crackers at that
shaved chocolate
cashew nuts
strawberry cream gummy candy
crumbed fudgee bar (any variant)
vienna sausage

yep, we made that. nobody but me dared to eat that. masarap naman kahit parang napag-tripan ng adik…

try it. bon appetit! haha.