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Saturday, 19 May 2007

random thoughts part 2

mark noticed that i have been using the word “crap” frequently. i reviewed all of my blog entries and there were some entries peppered with the word “crap”. not only that, some of the e-mails, text messages, and friendster messages and comments that i wrote in the past few weeks were not safe from my “crap craze”.

i guess saying crap is much better than saying its Filipino counterpart, which is “tae”. crap is less offensive in a way unlike tae. before i was using tae when my mom heard me and scolded me for it. so i changed it to crap na lang. i tried saying crap in front of my mom and i got away with it. haha. well, i’m just happy that mommy was not with me when i applied in the prc and that she isn’t reading my blog. she might have bitten my head off when she heard me say all of those things that i have enumerated (see my blog entry, entitled holy crap).

mommy hates it when my siblings and i curse. daddy just lets it pass when he hears us curse in fits of anger…he does that anyway so he thinks that he is not in the position to scold us. i just love it when ate richie tells her imbyerna mode experiences at work.

ate richie: alam mo ba yung patient ko sa room 500 nakaka-bad trip. ang toxic na nagmamayaman pa. isa namang hampas lupa! bumanat ba naman yung relative na, “sana sa st. luke’s na lang kami nagpa-admit kasi blah..blah”. eh di dun kayo manoxic. tapos biglang magpapalipat sa charity. mga h- (stops and takes a bite off the banana)
kc, charmaine, toper: (looks at each other)
kc: whoo, tumigil siya, alam ko naman yung sasabihin mo. (looks at mom and covers side of face facing mom then mouths HAYOP)
ate richie, kc, charmaine, toper: (falls into fits of laughter)
mommy: (oblivious mode) ano yun?!

it pays to be discreet. :)


i am currently loving incubus’ song, “i miss you” once again. it sounds so melancholic but romantic at the same time. that’s why i was totally psyched when i saw that mark posted its lyrics on my testimonials and comments. i liked the line, “To see you when I wake up is a gift I didn’t think could be real. to know that you feel the same as I do is a three-fold, utopian dream”. and no, i am not going emo!


i learned two words.

word #1: fugly- short for fucking ugly
word #2: emo- short for emotive. commonly mistaken as a diminutive for emotional. it is actually a genre of music and not a lifestyle. but of course, it has generally evolved so it is also considered as a lifestyle.

but what is the difference between emo and punk lifestyle? here’s how to put it:
emo: i hate myself
punk: i hate the world

just check out the urban dictionary site ( http://www.urbandictionary.com/) and you’ll find out the meaning of many new words popping out nowadays.


i am having an in-house review here in st. paul. the conditions are that we won’t have our phones with us, no laptops or any form of distraction. ooh, the anxiety! pero *ahem* takas tong laptop..nakikigamit ng wiFi sa dorm! hahaha..

but what the heck, if it is for my future career i’m gonna do it. ano kaya yung future career ko, nurse or physician (either anesthesiologist, toxicologist or surgeon)? *whee!*

ay ambisyosa mode na naman ako dahil napag-usapan ang med school. nyahaha!


last na: plugs galore!

i will be taking the nurses’ licensure exam on june 10 and 11. please pray for me and our batch, les dames compatissantes de jesus, st. paul university manila bsn batch 2007, will have a 100% passing rate. it’s good to know that all 92 of us graduated and still, all 92 of us would go to araneta coliseum or cuneta astrodome to have our oath-taking. many thanks to all who have prayed for us and who will pray for us. god bless you all and see you when i see you. hey, i’ll be locked up inside the school, you know.


i’ll just keep you guys posted. till next time! ciao! :)

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