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Monday, 21 May 2007

review review lang!

so this is the end of the first week of my nursing review here in st. paul. since i was in a few days of blogging hiatus, let me jumpstart my newfound fascination of using the dorm's wiFi by having this little evaluation of what i experienced in my first week.

basically,the dorm is still the same since the last time i stayed here. although the bathroom was renovated, the rooms were still the same except for the aircons in the open room. i just don't know about the closed rooms. secondly, the food is so yummy. crap, i think i may have gained weight after losing some in my bum phase. but that's ok. i learned to live with my voluptuous figure (charing!) and i love it!

as for the review,i am so hapy with their line-up of reviewers. with the big buck that our parents spent, it was good. i have learned a lot from our fundamentals of nursing reviewer, mrs. joy estable. she taught some techniques in answering some test questions which i think would help me a lot in the board exams. i did well on both the pre-test and post-test and i hope that i do the same in the board exams. of course with the results that i have got, i should not be too confident nor too lazy. i need to work extra hard on other subject areas...like the crappy chn. say this with me: eew. boring!

about the dorm life escapades, i am enjoying here. i learn a lot from my colleagues even if i prefer to study on my own. kakatawa kasi ngayon ko lang na-absorb ang nursing theories. crap, if i had paid attention to that a long time ago, it wouldn't kick me hard in the ass.

i am with carissa, connie and mama les very often. laugh trip dito, laugh trip doon; brain fart dito, brain fart doon ang drama namin. saya!

brain farting is what keeps me sane in this place. i have a lot of angst reserved in my thoughts and i have my friends to hear all of that. just don’t let me start right now. expect more of those from me…

disclaimer: this was supposed to be posted on may 20, 2007…bad trip, disabled ang wiFi!

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anna o said...

gambatte-yo! (sorry i'm speaking alien again...) good luck sa review... remember to chill para di mabaliw, hehe.