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Saturday, 26 May 2007

superheroes of everyday

hee-yok! i'm so into blog flooding now. i'm currently at home and i'm making the most out of our dsl connection. so i'm gonna write about my new heroes.

nursing practice hero: dra. carolina vera-llamanzares (photo coming soon)
she is the first independent nurse practitioner and a noted clinical psychologist in the country. dra llamanzares graduated magna cum laude from st paul manila nursing program. she is also became a president of the philippine student nurses association and was the board topnotcher of the nurse licensure exams on June, 1967.

i admire her because she makes great things out of nothing. i would like to emulate that attribute of hers. also she was so down to earth and maintains a very low profile despite her great achievements. i never knew that she was once a member of the board of nursing. and fashion wise, she looked so elegant during our pinning ceremony. winner! elegant chic si dra llamanzares! *wink, wink*

style hero: marie chin hofileƱa

chin (with the new haircut) and foncham

she is my batch mate in st paul manila. (hi chin!)

i looove her clothes and her sense of style. very un-generic and non-conformist, which makes her stand out from the crowd. she came to class wearing a deconstructed maternity dress and a white long sleeved top. i don’t have a photo but she really looks so fasyon. i'll try to get some photos na lang. some of her clothes are so eccentric but she can pull it off, making it seem like an ordinary shirt or frock. kaya girl, don't listen to snide comments about your clothes. sana ako din, makapagsuot ng ganon! grar! so fun and fearless, chin is my new style hero. period. eccentricity works so well with me.

coolness… :)

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