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Sunday, 27 May 2007

who's that pokemon?! :D

woohoohoo! it has been two years since i have met my ultimate crush. he never fails to make me go gaga (silently and discreetly). meow! just look:

the picture that spawned a nasty rumor

what a dreamboat... can you see hearts and stars floating around? *charing!*. this guy can make all of those cosmo bachelors have a run for their money. *sighs dreamily*

i can still remember the jitters i had when i was the first scrub nurse on the orif case where he was the surgeon. that's one of the reasons why my or duty in pgh during the last days of my summer duty was sooooo interesting, aside from the fact that dr ang made me carry a fricking heavy leg that we had just amputated! don't misinterpret nor jump to conclusions or else you'll jump to your early disappearance. here's one way to rephrase: if you're so tigang in an all-girl environment and then you're gonna see this person (gorgeous at that) right beside you, sinong hindi kakabugin? bawal plastic...

sayang. i don't have a photo with the barako boy, kenny, and my little chinese mafia. :)

am just stressed. looking at gorgeous guys helps in relieving all these kinds of stress. haha!

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