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Saturday, 30 June 2007

rosary galore!

in a typical living room set-up in the philippines, one cannot miss a glimpse of any religious article on an altar. altars are like, a must-have in every filipino home. similar to the chemise which was a de rigeur for us during clinical exposures.

our home isn't spared by this. there's even the old palm that we used during palm sunday and a lot of religious images. and there's even a bottle of mass wine.


so while i was cleaning the living room, my gaze rested upon the mini-altar that we have. i looked closely and saw the crucifix:


there were lots of rosaries but each rosary has its own story to tell. most of those were given as gifts for my mom by her friends who were lucky enough to travel to any pilgrimage site in europe. the only rosary from the philippines i can distinguish from the collection is my sister's rosary from ust (because of ust's logo on the center bead). but that still doesn’t include my rosaries, charmaine’s and christopher’s rosaries too.

i carry a rosary wherever i go. i guess it’s my way of believing that there’s a supreme being guiding me wherever i go. call me cheesy but i won’t let your thoughts take away my guiding principle in life. i guess that’s one of the typical pinoy trait that you can see in me. =)

Thursday, 28 June 2007

Sony Ericsson K750i

Category:Computers & Electronics
Product Type: Cell-phones
Manufacturer:  Sony Ericsson

i really love this phone. i'm keeping it safe because it was dad's gift for me a few years back.

this is the first ever 2 megapixel camera phone from sony ericsson..and the first one in its kind (i think). it comes with the whole camera shebang with macro function and whatnot that i still haven't figured out how to use yet. it also captures videos of good quality.

and since i don't have any mp3 player. i'm using it as one. it's external mem is expandable up to 2 gig..yun nga lang, i'm too kuripot to buy a 2 gig memory stick. and it also has an fm radio.

...i'm happy with this phone. i can call, send sms, take pictures and videos, listen to the radio and to my favorite music. it's everything i want all rolled into one. just check out the sony ericsson site for more details.

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

on the boob tube: arirang

i have always been up late, just watching tv. sometimes when nothing interesting is up, i watch korean series or movies on arirang. lucky me, some of the series and movies have english subtitles so i understand that the heck they are talking about.

i was just freaked out when for two consecutive days, i have been watching korean movies with a common theme: ditching and third parties.

since i got the titles mixed up, i'm going to give out a description and refer to it as movie #1, movie #2, and movie #3.
  • movie #1- is a teen movie about a guy who was a total geek and became a campus legend. his female best friend was the one who stood by him all throughout his geek phase because she loves him. then when he became a campus legend he was too enthralled by the limelight and began engaging in many relationships until he was taking his girl pal for granted. category: ditching
  • movie #2- an old movie. the guy has a girlfriend who's the epitome of a perfect girlfriend. smart, pretty, loyal, understanding..name it, she's got it. until the girl found out that she's sharing the guy with some girl he recently met when he went to a trip to pyongyang. the guy is having a hard time choosing between the two because he loves the pretty girlfriend but likes the new girl. category: third party
  • movie #3- the good girl was ditched by her guy because he chose her over some sleazy bimbo and that the girl was too "good"..i don't know about the other details because my mother was practically yelling my name already. category: ditching and third party

i was thinking..omg, maybe this is a premonition that i'd become a victim of ditching and third parties. but of course, my mind just plays tricks on me and i'm being paranoid. seriously.

in another perspective, i felt sorry for those characters. i just didn't understand the fact why they have experienced that even if they tried their best to be the good girlfirend that their guy expects them to be. in the course of movie #2, when the two met, the guy felt guilty and admitted to the new girl that he already has a girlfriend waiting for him in seoul. but the new girl scoffed at that and continued her relationship with the guy.

...medyo nainis ako sa third wheel sa movie #2 kasi alam naman niya in the first place na hindi dapat pero tinuloy pa rin niya. eto namang si guy may pagkatanga rin. gwapo pa naman! my heart cried out for the pretty girlfriend after finding out about the new girl.

according to our humanities professor, the movie was effective if it has affected you in a different kind of way. that's why i'm currently loving korean movies and series because it affects me in a way that it makes me think hard and stirs my emotion.

and so i'm human after all...all the while i thought i was a humanoid who never felt sympathy in these kinds of events in someone's life.

just bored...and affected.

what do i do when i'm really bored?

in accordance to being a bum who does less purposeful activities, i have resorted to tinkering with my camera phone. here are some of the shots i have made:

DSC03896the lush greeneryeuphorbia!
five leavespink flower

and being the inosente one, i just found out about adjusting the camera settings like using the macro function and the picture quality settings. the camera phone just ate me alive. 

i currently love taking nature shots even if i don't get out of the house. i can't get a decent view of the setting sun because electric wires are in the way and it just ruins the wonderful view. so there.

of chakang inggiteras and impaktang chismosas

a lot of people have been asking me why "chakang inggitera" and "impaktang chismosa" is written all over my friendster and multiply accounts. for starters, nobody wants to be in a center of a nasty rumor. i have been in a couple of 'em and i am surprised that those who make up all those crapola are actually people that i know and considered as friends. rumor #1 died after a few months but rumor #2 still goes on.

i have learned to ignore those kinds of stories but the fact that the people you trusted made up all this stories, just hurts. and their lies adds insult to the injury. i hate it when they are actually caught doing it but keeps on denying it. and i also hate it when they are indirectly involved in it and talk like they are on your side. liars as they are, i'm going to turn on my impakta mode and my evil mode for them. don't expect that i'd feel guilty because i won't. and i never will.

sure, forgiveness works wonders but i won't welcome them into some aspects of my life anymore. it is really difficult to trust a person who has broken your trust once.

the last time i checked, i have never done anything wrong. i just don't spill out all shit about my life because there are some things that are better kept to yourself. so don't try to fill up those gaps with lame-o stories. it just doesn't work. what are you, an alcoholic with korsakoff's psychosis? 

so there. i think that is enough.

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

green mangoes

don't you just love green mangoes when it looks like this:

yum, yum!

especially when you're dipping it in freshly cooked alamang (shrimp paste) or bagoong (fish paste). i can eat this forever.
...and get renal failure in the long run.

oh-kaay, but i'll go easy on the sodium intake. i'm not in for a serious bloat. sayang, summer is over and that means i'll see and eat less of these.

chris benoit

i was really saddened when i read on yahoo news that pro-wrestler chris benoit and his family was found dead in their atlanta, georgia home. i felt sorry for his seven year old son because he can still do a lot of fun stuff as a kid but he died without a reason.

yeah, yeah, i watch wwe…i won’t deny it. my brother was the one who encouraged me to watch pro-wrestling. chris benoit was one of my favorites alongside rey mysterio, batista, triple h and randy orton. i love his entrance theme played by our lady peace because it sounds like he is ready to kick ass. yun nga lang, he's already drafted in ecw...i don't like it as much as i like wwe.

chris benoit

chris benoit with eddie guerrero after winning the world heavyweight champion title

i may not be watching wwe that often anymore but it makes me sad to know that the rabid wolverine won’t be back again. i won’t be see a round of mean grappling and high flying stunts ever again.

..it’s just, sad. :(

Monday, 25 June 2007

when i look back at high school..

just now, my brother showed me the all-improved student handbook of dominican college of santa rosa. and i was envious because during my time you couldn't bear the sight of the handbook because they removed the "planner" portion of the handbook and the only thing left are the rules and regulations plus the excuse slips so it looks so lame-o.

just look:

the front cover: looks boring but it's kind of glossy (tinalo kami!)

the planner/organizer section is back!

sorry sa planner guidelines...wala kami niyan dati!

but on the other persepctive, i can't blame dominican if our handbook was fugly and full of crapola because they have to cut costs. there were lots of facilities to be improved and needed to be built. in fairness, dominican college really has improved a lot.

...because it doesn't look like a swamp anymore as i have left it four years ago. and since my brother and sister's graduation, i still haven't returned. my former filipino teacher, miss gretel gutierrez will be leaving for dubai so that leaves miss melba tejido as the only teacher i know.

well, life's like that. people come and go. things (and facilities) change for the better or for the worst. it's the sign of the times.

sometimes, it’s fun to look back but we have to keep in mind that we also have to move on…

Friday, 22 June 2007

kc and the new doogie howser

when yahoo appeared, one of the headline news is about india's 15 year-old surgeon. i was like, “wtf?! i have to check this out”.

i thought he was a doogie howser in the making, having finished his doctor of medicine degree in his teens. well he didn’t so to make the story short, he practiced medicine without a license only under the supervision of licensed doctors. legally, you get thrown in jail with a lawsuit of illegal practice of medicine filed against you. that ruling is strictly implemented in the states according to our alumna, ms. lolita compas, the first asian president of the new york state nurses association. i just don’t know here in the philippines. all i hear are news stories about lawsuits filed for medical malpractice.

on the other hand, i’m sooo inggit. buti pa siya, nakapag-perform na ng surgery. hmpf! i hope i can complete the units that i lack so that i can get into med school. oh boy, i hope this little baby from siemens will wait for me.

the glorious anesthesia machine *trumpet sounds*

and hopefully, i can get a decent nmat result and that some med schools i am considering shouldn’t have too much of a killer tuition fee.

if not, i'll formally say welcome to the nursing world. anyway i still have the chance to touch the anesthesia machine...as a nurse anesthetist. yay! i won't be so frustrated after all...

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Of Love and Other Demons

Genre: Literature & Fiction
Author:Gabriel Garcia-Marquez

I really love this book. I am amazed by the way Garcia-Marquez has put together small pieces of facts and made it into a story in which you'd think is true. The main character, Sierva Maria is based from the corpse in an unkown grave dug somewhere in Colombia. The novel showcases the storytelling genius of Garcia-Marquez wherein he effectively narrated the feelings of a young priest torn between his love for Sierva Maria and his love for the service of God.

This novel goes to show that priests are also human. They are capable of making mistakes. So we shouldn't just judge them whenever they screw up.

I read this during the in-house review. It kept me sane and almost bothered me.


i have been logged in almost all day for these past weeks. the excitement of knowing if i passed the board exams just kills me slowly. but then again there were rumors arising that a certain review center (i don't know what center) acquired leakage on questions regarding a certain portion of the test.

i just hate it when review centers always advertise some crappy sweet-talking bullcrap stating that they can fill your brain with all the topics that would come out of the board. yeah, whatever! i think these review centers are making major morons out of students when they say things like that. no, make that really profound, not just morons. that’s why i trust the low-profile review centers more.

i don’t see why most of the students rely on review centers in passing. i mean, duh! you studied for like, four long crap filled years and then you’re telling me that you didn’t learn anything? oh come on! so it was just a big joke that you graduated with a degree in hand. for me, a review for the board exams is just to reinforce what you have learned in the past four years. what i have experienced during the in-house review was like that because when the lecturer mentions something, the topic is brought to my conscious self. read: i discovered i have some knowledge left in me all this time. the knowledge was stuck between my unconscious and subconscious, though.

my advice to all future board-takers: read your books. boring as it may seem, it’s gonna help you in the long run. that’s the lesson i learned the hard way during the review period.

and as for the blood-sucking review center who had a leakage (if there really is): eat crap and die…and tell your reviewees to shut up and not brag about the exact same questions in their pre-board and the actual board exams. and i betcha, you guys didn’t know what dakin’s solution is. ha!

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

what i love and hate nowadays, including these past few months

what made me pissed:
  1. people who don't respect your decision
  2. people who dis their friends
  3. people who made up crap about me and mark
  4. crappy daytime and afternoon tv programs (thank god for cable tv!)
  5. news programs that keep on including very irrelevant showbiz stories like "kurdapya, maitim ang kilikili". four words: i-DON'T-fucking-care!
what made me happy:
  1. jay manuel's show: style her famous
  2. our dsl connection
  3. my blog: the ice queen chronicles
  4. chocolate malt drink
  5. watching videos on youtube
i'm just frickin' bored...still waiting for the results of the board exams. oh crap, this sucks!

no effing way! unless...

a lot of people are saying that i am so ready to just fly off to some foreign land and work as a nurse. no way, compadre. there is no effing way that i'm gonna fly off without me passing the local board exams and gaining a work experience here.

in line with the board exams, i have another list that would motivate me to fly off this country. so extra toxic people, hear me out!

cgfns/nclex must-haves (read: money for…)
1. the cgfns review (read: new york requires cgfns prior to nclex)
2. the actual cgfns exam
3. the nclex review
4. the actual nclex exams
5. my fare to hong kong (nclex in the philippines hasn’t been implemented yet, though it was already approved)
6. my pocket money (mahirap magutom)
7. my fare back to the philippines

immigration must-haves (no explanations necessary)
1. samahan nyo akong asikasuhin ang visa ko!!!
2. help me get other requirements

what a nurse must have (for a killer assessment and efficient documentation)

1. 3M™ Littmann® Electronic Stethoscope Model 3000...shown above (the usual littmann stethoscopes are so yesterday)
2. lippincott or mosby’s pocket guide

mundane stuff for kc (kala nyo ha?!)
1. love in the time of cholera or memories of my melancholy whores by gabriel garcia-marquez
2. the devil and miss prym by paolo coelho
3. p.s. i love you by cecelia ahern
4. artworks of vincent van gogh (compilation book)
5. harry potter and the deathly hallows by j.k. rowling

si ruffa na ang bahala sa anna sui secret wish ko. hahaha!

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

is this really him?

as i was looking for information about star wars (and photos of darth maul), i came across some of hayden christensen's photos. i am so amazed with the magic of make up…

kung gaano siya ka-pangit kapag darth maul, ganon siyang ka-gwapo sans the make up and costume *haayyy*. kahit geeky, iba pa rin ang dating niya sa kin…meow!

*sigh* pasensya na. bored lang talaga ako…i’ve been waiting for the board examination results for so long. the suspense is killing me!

what's this?!

i was at sm supermarket yesterday with my mom and my siblings when we chanced upon this:

what in the world?!

my sister charmaine told me that it was the "kanin ng engkanto". my brother said that it is just rice that was laden with squid ink. my siblings...so effing barbero! haha.

Monday, 18 June 2007

goodbye, starbucks!

my brother toper and i are starting to become certified blender virtuosos. we decided to make our very own chocolate milkshake. so we just did our stuff and came up with a chocolate milkshake that tastes disturbingly similar with starbucks' choco frappe.

since it is laguna day tomorrow and school is off, my brother and i will try different ingredients to create our own unique concoction...we'll try to do something with coffee. diy freaks that we are, i'm loving it! (para-pa-pa-pam)

so i'm totally dissing regular starbucks visits although it has been a big part of my college life. that means i'm just going to go there less, less frequently. i have successfully cut down on it since 4th year college since i am also cost cutting (read: nagkukuripot). so no i am thinking, why do i have to buy when i can make my own choco frappe? :)

with that i have to say, “see you when i see you starbucks! hasta la vista!”.

and by the way, to my best-est gel pal, mimi...check this out and see if you can already kiss off someone. i know you want to click, mimi!

what's this?!

i was at sm supermarket yesterday with my mom and my siblings when we chanced upon this:

what in the world?!

my sister charmaine told me that it was the "kanin ng engkanto". my brother said that it is just rice that was laden with squid ink. my siblings...so effing barbero! haha.

happy father's day

ok. so i know that this is late but i want to greet all of the daddies out there. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!

i was so effing busy yesterday so i didn't post my greeting. anyway, i talked to my dad over the phone. wala lang. as usual, he's still the daddy i know. the daddy who gave us the diaphoretic genes. haha! he's at egypt now and will be going home in a few months time.

during my pinning ceremony

we love our daddy to bits...from his axon and dendrites to the sarcomeres on his toes (ay, napaka-anatomical, cephalocaudal!). he is still working overseas so that he can keep sending us to good schools. of course in return, we keep on showing him decent grades and major accomplishments at school (and to use it as a way to ask for stuff…haha. kidding!). although he doesn’t show it, we know that he’s happy.

and because of him, we are voracious eaters (FYI: we don’t purge!). he loves eating as much as we do. haha!

so there, my daddy tribute. l’amour daddy!

Friday, 15 June 2007

sorry, can't help it

as mommy and i was flipping through the channels, we stopped at abs-cbn just in time to hear that the government has given ruffa gutierrez some bodyguards...i just thought that she can afford to have bodyguards complete with swat training but why in the world would the government spend for her?!

simple. because they have lots of taxpayers and that ruffa gutierrez helped free this country from the spaniards about a hundred years ago…atsaka the government is sooo showbiz!

oo na, she's a victim pero bakit ang iba walang ganitong special treatment? yun ngang inadmit ko sa opd-surgery dati (secret kung saan) ilang beses na binugbog ng asawa niya pero nabigyan ba agad ng attention yung kaso niya? hindi. 4 times siya lumapit sa pulis pero antagal bago inaksyonan. slight martir material nga lang ang ate natin kasi papatayin daw siya ng asawa niya. hello, sino ba ang may gustong mamatay ng maaga?

i’m not a taxpayer but i can’t help getting pissed by how they spend the money that they deduct from the monthly salaries and earnings of my sister, my mommy, my daddy, and everyone else. pag di naman nagbayad makukulong ka. di mo naman pwedeng sabihin na ayaw mong magbayad kasi di ka damay sa services ng mga bodyguard ni ruffa. wala talagang lusot, no choice kundi ang magbayad.

as a future taxpayer, gaganahan ako dito:

pa-consuelo ni ruffa gutierrez dahil ang mga taxpayers ang nagbabayad para sa bodyguards niya!


Wednesday, 13 June 2007

how could you?!

say hello! i'm back to my old usual self at my old usual place..in front of the computer. the board exams drove me nuts and there are lots of stuff that i can't answer so i am researching on that so that i can now shut up and relax.

the past few weeks, i felt so guilty about not studying so much because of the "studious" atmosphere in the dorm. after the nerve-racking and mind-boggling exams, i realized that i should've not been guilty because even if i did study, i won't be even able to answer the questions because of the ├╝ber intelligent board of examiners. they know how to go against the flow...that's a smart-ass move. ang galing! para silang conspirators...haha.

favorite ko na tuloy si madame faire, ang dating chief nurse ng pgh-or. even if i gulp down on a barrel of coffee to stay awake studying, i wouldn't get the answers that she had in store because all of the examinees didn't see that coming! crap, considering that that was my area of specialization...*sigh*. but on the other hand, i admired their unpredictable way of thinking.

enough of the board exams...two days ago, i arrived from manila. my room has been revamped by mom. toper has started going to school and charmaine would be leaving the next day. kaloka, i just realized na hindi na ako estudyante!!! it’s kinda weird because in the past years, i have been preparing for the opening of classes every june and November. but now, i’m not going to. i have to say, i really enjoyed school even if i hated all of those toxic moments…

anyways, the house looked pretty much the same except for a pet. i have only been gone for a month and evil kitty is pregnant! not by pusang may bell but by a cat my siblings called "popeye". how could you evil kitty? *wail* (edit: orange cat and popeye are the same, i just found out through my brother.)

i got my hands on the latest catalog of mango and i loved the clothes there. i just didn't like the prices...haha, kuripot! maybe if i'm not blogging, i'll try to make some clothes similar to that but with a donya facunda twist.

but then again, i'm glued to the front of our pc, forever blogging. forever bum.

pre-board activities

i should've posted this a long time ago but i was too lazy to. just read on...

what we did before the board exams...
  1. my roommates and i just talked and talked (about aliens..they know what i am referring to) instead of studying. we have this law in our room: bawal mag-aral dito!
  2. reviewed (siyempre!)
  3. korean exercises and affirmations in the morning
  4. kain 24/7
  5. mag-kape sa gabi
  6. we had a pilgrimage and an outing..i wrote something on that before
  7. we went to the different schools so that we can look for our exam venues.
  8. i have the entire student body officers and the org officers to thank. crap, they had a small pray-over cum tribute for us. i didn't expect that to happen because usually, the college of nursing is isolated most of the time from the entire university. na-touch ako..
  9. we had an anticipated mass
  10. sister bernie had this little showtime and prayer session the night before the exams, which really helped a lot in beating out all of the stress.

so there. the photos are still lacking but i have decided to make a slideshow out of it so that i can save on space. i'll just have to update on that. oh well. i hope that we attain the 100% passing rate. *cross fingers*

disclaimer: those are the only photos that i have. so to my fellow in-mates (naks, preso?!), send me your pictures during the entire one month stay and i'll gladly edit the slideshow. drop me a line at creepycrawler17@yahoo.com or kristineannecervales@hotmail.com... intyende?

Monday, 11 June 2007

run to you

oh. my. gorsh.

today's the last day of the board exams and i am so scared shitless of what the results may be. all of the medical-surgical nursing and psychiatric nursing really is difficult for me. call me fucking stupid but i couldn’t care more about what you say. at least i didn’t rely onto some crappy leaks just to pass. but anyway, i was glad that i am relaxed for the day and went through the exams well (meaning, i finished answering all of the items!).

i took my exams at ue manila.

ue's alma mater statue: inang ue for me

i love the atmosphere and the ambiance in my testing room. but i was kind of treated like a major space cadet because people kept looking at me and my food stash. ok. so i know that i am fat but that doesn’t justify that i’d eat all of it. seriously. on the first day of the exams, i only ate the two pieces of pizza that my mom let me take back to the dorm. so there. i wouldn’t want the scantron to scan my answer sheet covered with puke. hello! and hint: toilet flushes don’t work so well so i don’t need to eat a lot and end up crapping.

the first day made me smile. i didn’t memorize the laws that affect the nursing practice nor did study on the new topics in the new doh book so i was kinda nervous. and when i opened the exam booklet, holy fark! WALANG MGA REPUBLIC ACT AT YUNG NEW TOPICS SA DOH BOOK! yey. that’s the first time that i was so happy and was not actually bitter about not studying. the medsurg drove me nuts. but i was ok because i was able to answer some of it.

the second day was kaloka! most of the stuff that i have read on was not included in the exam. crap. the aftermath of the first day! i need not say more.

basta, naloka ako! sobrang naloka, di ko alam kung bakit run to you ang title nito!

Friday, 8 June 2007


ok.so it's only a matter of days until the board exams. i think my brain can't fart anymore. it's gonna crap answers. haha. my board exam resolutions are:
  1. never falling asleep DURING the exams (i fell asleep twice during the pre-board)
  2. never over analyze
  3. stick to what i know
  4. don't give shit to those pessimists
  5. discreetly tell people not to expect too much from me.

so there. oh crap. crap, crap, crap. i hope i do well. caffeine overload is highly recommended.

Saturday, 2 June 2007

when it is always me

it is only a few days away from the board exams and i can smell anxiety in the air.

not only that, i can feel the heavy pressure falling into me. i think that i have not been studying very well. unlike my classmates who were memorizing stuff and are able to answer stuff that our lecturers ask, i have been in the level of mediocrity. although i have been getting decent results in the pre-board exams, i should not be so confident because it doesn't mean that the pre-board will be the same than that of our actual board exams.

anyway, i was very relieved to know that a lot of our lecturers in the review keep on emphasizing that we hold the key to passing. yeah, my brain was always farting and kept on reminding me that it is not the review but the entire four years that we have worked so hard for can help us pass. aside from that, prayers do help relieve the anxiety.

my thoughts and ideas were always seen as very radical. crap if i don't think or act the same way as you do doesn't make me a rebel. i just don't know why people kept on isolating people whose ideologies or actions contradict theirs even if no harm was done to them. even if i am just discussing the pharmacokinetics of nitrates and just scanning my notes, doesn't mean i don't deserve respect. i am always "shushed" by some even if i shut up. it was really annoying but i have managed to settle it just recently and i managed to laugh about it.

anyways, i have to vent before studying. so here it is.

i can see thick clouds of uncertainty in the sky. they're so thick, you can cut it with a knife into slabs.

oh crap, i'm starting to feel all stressed out. again. retail therapy, help! lesportsac?!