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Monday, 18 June 2007

goodbye, starbucks!

my brother toper and i are starting to become certified blender virtuosos. we decided to make our very own chocolate milkshake. so we just did our stuff and came up with a chocolate milkshake that tastes disturbingly similar with starbucks' choco frappe.

since it is laguna day tomorrow and school is off, my brother and i will try different ingredients to create our own unique concoction...we'll try to do something with coffee. diy freaks that we are, i'm loving it! (para-pa-pa-pam)

so i'm totally dissing regular starbucks visits although it has been a big part of my college life. that means i'm just going to go there less, less frequently. i have successfully cut down on it since 4th year college since i am also cost cutting (read: nagkukuripot). so no i am thinking, why do i have to buy when i can make my own choco frappe? :)

with that i have to say, “see you when i see you starbucks! hasta la vista!”.

and by the way, to my best-est gel pal, mimi...check this out and see if you can already kiss off someone. i know you want to click, mimi!


mimi said...

what the fuck?!

that was so totally uncalled for! bakit naman all of the guys connected with vicki belo becomes associated with faggotry?!

hayden is soooo not a faggot!!!! *imbyerna*

pero if he is. i don't care. i'll be still love him. because i am so in love with faggotry..though i'm a female! plus the childhood crush factor on hayden kho jr.

*mi amor hayden*

mimi said...

oops! let me correct my wrong grammar...

"i'll still be loving him..."

ayan. i'm so annoyed that i have spoken in gramatically incorrect statements.

¡qué día tan terrible!

kc said...

seems to me that finding out about this made your day terrible. nyeta, gel...sobrang affected ka talaga ha.

and it got you speaking in spanish...