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Monday, 18 June 2007

happy father's day

ok. so i know that this is late but i want to greet all of the daddies out there. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!

i was so effing busy yesterday so i didn't post my greeting. anyway, i talked to my dad over the phone. wala lang. as usual, he's still the daddy i know. the daddy who gave us the diaphoretic genes. haha! he's at egypt now and will be going home in a few months time.

during my pinning ceremony

we love our daddy to bits...from his axon and dendrites to the sarcomeres on his toes (ay, napaka-anatomical, cephalocaudal!). he is still working overseas so that he can keep sending us to good schools. of course in return, we keep on showing him decent grades and major accomplishments at school (and to use it as a way to ask for stuff…haha. kidding!). although he doesn’t show it, we know that he’s happy.

and because of him, we are voracious eaters (FYI: we don’t purge!). he loves eating as much as we do. haha!

so there, my daddy tribute. l’amour daddy!

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