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Wednesday, 13 June 2007

how could you?!

say hello! i'm back to my old usual self at my old usual place..in front of the computer. the board exams drove me nuts and there are lots of stuff that i can't answer so i am researching on that so that i can now shut up and relax.

the past few weeks, i felt so guilty about not studying so much because of the "studious" atmosphere in the dorm. after the nerve-racking and mind-boggling exams, i realized that i should've not been guilty because even if i did study, i won't be even able to answer the questions because of the ├╝ber intelligent board of examiners. they know how to go against the flow...that's a smart-ass move. ang galing! para silang conspirators...haha.

favorite ko na tuloy si madame faire, ang dating chief nurse ng pgh-or. even if i gulp down on a barrel of coffee to stay awake studying, i wouldn't get the answers that she had in store because all of the examinees didn't see that coming! crap, considering that that was my area of specialization...*sigh*. but on the other hand, i admired their unpredictable way of thinking.

enough of the board exams...two days ago, i arrived from manila. my room has been revamped by mom. toper has started going to school and charmaine would be leaving the next day. kaloka, i just realized na hindi na ako estudyante!!! it’s kinda weird because in the past years, i have been preparing for the opening of classes every june and November. but now, i’m not going to. i have to say, i really enjoyed school even if i hated all of those toxic moments…

anyways, the house looked pretty much the same except for a pet. i have only been gone for a month and evil kitty is pregnant! not by pusang may bell but by a cat my siblings called "popeye". how could you evil kitty? *wail* (edit: orange cat and popeye are the same, i just found out through my brother.)

i got my hands on the latest catalog of mango and i loved the clothes there. i just didn't like the prices...haha, kuripot! maybe if i'm not blogging, i'll try to make some clothes similar to that but with a donya facunda twist.

but then again, i'm glued to the front of our pc, forever blogging. forever bum.

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