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Wednesday, 27 June 2007

on the boob tube: arirang

i have always been up late, just watching tv. sometimes when nothing interesting is up, i watch korean series or movies on arirang. lucky me, some of the series and movies have english subtitles so i understand that the heck they are talking about.

i was just freaked out when for two consecutive days, i have been watching korean movies with a common theme: ditching and third parties.

since i got the titles mixed up, i'm going to give out a description and refer to it as movie #1, movie #2, and movie #3.
  • movie #1- is a teen movie about a guy who was a total geek and became a campus legend. his female best friend was the one who stood by him all throughout his geek phase because she loves him. then when he became a campus legend he was too enthralled by the limelight and began engaging in many relationships until he was taking his girl pal for granted. category: ditching
  • movie #2- an old movie. the guy has a girlfriend who's the epitome of a perfect girlfriend. smart, pretty, loyal, understanding..name it, she's got it. until the girl found out that she's sharing the guy with some girl he recently met when he went to a trip to pyongyang. the guy is having a hard time choosing between the two because he loves the pretty girlfriend but likes the new girl. category: third party
  • movie #3- the good girl was ditched by her guy because he chose her over some sleazy bimbo and that the girl was too "good"..i don't know about the other details because my mother was practically yelling my name already. category: ditching and third party

i was thinking..omg, maybe this is a premonition that i'd become a victim of ditching and third parties. but of course, my mind just plays tricks on me and i'm being paranoid. seriously.

in another perspective, i felt sorry for those characters. i just didn't understand the fact why they have experienced that even if they tried their best to be the good girlfirend that their guy expects them to be. in the course of movie #2, when the two met, the guy felt guilty and admitted to the new girl that he already has a girlfriend waiting for him in seoul. but the new girl scoffed at that and continued her relationship with the guy.

...medyo nainis ako sa third wheel sa movie #2 kasi alam naman niya in the first place na hindi dapat pero tinuloy pa rin niya. eto namang si guy may pagkatanga rin. gwapo pa naman! my heart cried out for the pretty girlfriend after finding out about the new girl.

according to our humanities professor, the movie was effective if it has affected you in a different kind of way. that's why i'm currently loving korean movies and series because it affects me in a way that it makes me think hard and stirs my emotion.

and so i'm human after all...all the while i thought i was a humanoid who never felt sympathy in these kinds of events in someone's life.

just bored...and affected.


Rain-drop said...

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mimi said...

haha. adik! adik! i thought you won't watching sappy and crappy soap operas?! haha. anyway, i'm always bored so i also just learned to watch "walang kapalit". it's my bonding time with mama. :)

mimi said...


i mean *you won't WATCH..my correct grammar has gone with my graduation.