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Tuesday, 26 June 2007

chris benoit

i was really saddened when i read on yahoo news that pro-wrestler chris benoit and his family was found dead in their atlanta, georgia home. i felt sorry for his seven year old son because he can still do a lot of fun stuff as a kid but he died without a reason.

yeah, yeah, i watch wwe…i won’t deny it. my brother was the one who encouraged me to watch pro-wrestling. chris benoit was one of my favorites alongside rey mysterio, batista, triple h and randy orton. i love his entrance theme played by our lady peace because it sounds like he is ready to kick ass. yun nga lang, he's already drafted in ecw...i don't like it as much as i like wwe.

chris benoit

chris benoit with eddie guerrero after winning the world heavyweight champion title

i may not be watching wwe that often anymore but it makes me sad to know that the rabid wolverine won’t be back again. i won’t be see a round of mean grappling and high flying stunts ever again.

..it’s just, sad. :(


alia said...

that pic gave me goosebumps. benoit and guerrero have both passed on, i just realized. those two are my faves pa naman din sa wwe. yeah, i watch pro wrestling too... something i got from my brother without even realizing.

kc said...

oo nga eh, even i thought of that when i saw the photo. sobrang favorite ko sila. i just can't get over the fact that murder-suicide angle has been considered as the cause of the death of the benoit family. kunsabagay iba yung chris benoit sa ring at iba yung chris benoit na nasa bahay. we can't tell...