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Friday, 22 June 2007

kc and the new doogie howser

when yahoo appeared, one of the headline news is about india's 15 year-old surgeon. i was like, “wtf?! i have to check this out”.

i thought he was a doogie howser in the making, having finished his doctor of medicine degree in his teens. well he didn’t so to make the story short, he practiced medicine without a license only under the supervision of licensed doctors. legally, you get thrown in jail with a lawsuit of illegal practice of medicine filed against you. that ruling is strictly implemented in the states according to our alumna, ms. lolita compas, the first asian president of the new york state nurses association. i just don’t know here in the philippines. all i hear are news stories about lawsuits filed for medical malpractice.

on the other hand, i’m sooo inggit. buti pa siya, nakapag-perform na ng surgery. hmpf! i hope i can complete the units that i lack so that i can get into med school. oh boy, i hope this little baby from siemens will wait for me.

the glorious anesthesia machine *trumpet sounds*

and hopefully, i can get a decent nmat result and that some med schools i am considering shouldn’t have too much of a killer tuition fee.

if not, i'll formally say welcome to the nursing world. anyway i still have the chance to touch the anesthesia machine...as a nurse anesthetist. yay! i won't be so frustrated after all...

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