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Wednesday, 20 June 2007

no effing way! unless...

a lot of people are saying that i am so ready to just fly off to some foreign land and work as a nurse. no way, compadre. there is no effing way that i'm gonna fly off without me passing the local board exams and gaining a work experience here.

in line with the board exams, i have another list that would motivate me to fly off this country. so extra toxic people, hear me out!

cgfns/nclex must-haves (read: money for…)
1. the cgfns review (read: new york requires cgfns prior to nclex)
2. the actual cgfns exam
3. the nclex review
4. the actual nclex exams
5. my fare to hong kong (nclex in the philippines hasn’t been implemented yet, though it was already approved)
6. my pocket money (mahirap magutom)
7. my fare back to the philippines

immigration must-haves (no explanations necessary)
1. samahan nyo akong asikasuhin ang visa ko!!!
2. help me get other requirements

what a nurse must have (for a killer assessment and efficient documentation)

1. 3M™ Littmann® Electronic Stethoscope Model 3000...shown above (the usual littmann stethoscopes are so yesterday)
2. lippincott or mosby’s pocket guide

mundane stuff for kc (kala nyo ha?!)
1. love in the time of cholera or memories of my melancholy whores by gabriel garcia-marquez
2. the devil and miss prym by paolo coelho
3. p.s. i love you by cecelia ahern
4. artworks of vincent van gogh (compilation book)
5. harry potter and the deathly hallows by j.k. rowling

si ruffa na ang bahala sa anna sui secret wish ko. hahaha!

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