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Wednesday, 27 June 2007

of chakang inggiteras and impaktang chismosas

a lot of people have been asking me why "chakang inggitera" and "impaktang chismosa" is written all over my friendster and multiply accounts. for starters, nobody wants to be in a center of a nasty rumor. i have been in a couple of 'em and i am surprised that those who make up all those crapola are actually people that i know and considered as friends. rumor #1 died after a few months but rumor #2 still goes on.

i have learned to ignore those kinds of stories but the fact that the people you trusted made up all this stories, just hurts. and their lies adds insult to the injury. i hate it when they are actually caught doing it but keeps on denying it. and i also hate it when they are indirectly involved in it and talk like they are on your side. liars as they are, i'm going to turn on my impakta mode and my evil mode for them. don't expect that i'd feel guilty because i won't. and i never will.

sure, forgiveness works wonders but i won't welcome them into some aspects of my life anymore. it is really difficult to trust a person who has broken your trust once.

the last time i checked, i have never done anything wrong. i just don't spill out all shit about my life because there are some things that are better kept to yourself. so don't try to fill up those gaps with lame-o stories. it just doesn't work. what are you, an alcoholic with korsakoff's psychosis? 

so there. i think that is enough.


cory ♥ de Guia said...

hoy anong rumor un. bat parang hnd ko alam un. haha

Jewel Angeles said...

Ha! Don't I know it!
I don't like rumormongers either, especially when they pretend to be your friend. That's the worst kind.

Joshua Cerezo said...

yeah! that's why i always keep my mouth shut everytime when im with this person and only God knows kung sino yun. la lang.. gaya nga ng sinabi mo. badtrip nga yun! na experience ko na rin yan eh. si ate nikki pa ang nagsabi na ganon nga. hay..