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Wednesday, 13 June 2007

pre-board activities

i should've posted this a long time ago but i was too lazy to. just read on...

what we did before the board exams...
  1. my roommates and i just talked and talked (about aliens..they know what i am referring to) instead of studying. we have this law in our room: bawal mag-aral dito!
  2. reviewed (siyempre!)
  3. korean exercises and affirmations in the morning
  4. kain 24/7
  5. mag-kape sa gabi
  6. we had a pilgrimage and an outing..i wrote something on that before
  7. we went to the different schools so that we can look for our exam venues.
  8. i have the entire student body officers and the org officers to thank. crap, they had a small pray-over cum tribute for us. i didn't expect that to happen because usually, the college of nursing is isolated most of the time from the entire university. na-touch ako..
  9. we had an anticipated mass
  10. sister bernie had this little showtime and prayer session the night before the exams, which really helped a lot in beating out all of the stress.

so there. the photos are still lacking but i have decided to make a slideshow out of it so that i can save on space. i'll just have to update on that. oh well. i hope that we attain the 100% passing rate. *cross fingers*

disclaimer: those are the only photos that i have. so to my fellow in-mates (naks, preso?!), send me your pictures during the entire one month stay and i'll gladly edit the slideshow. drop me a line at creepycrawler17@yahoo.com or kristineannecervales@hotmail.com... intyende?

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