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Saturday, 30 June 2007

rosary galore!

in a typical living room set-up in the philippines, one cannot miss a glimpse of any religious article on an altar. altars are like, a must-have in every filipino home. similar to the chemise which was a de rigeur for us during clinical exposures.

our home isn't spared by this. there's even the old palm that we used during palm sunday and a lot of religious images. and there's even a bottle of mass wine.


so while i was cleaning the living room, my gaze rested upon the mini-altar that we have. i looked closely and saw the crucifix:


there were lots of rosaries but each rosary has its own story to tell. most of those were given as gifts for my mom by her friends who were lucky enough to travel to any pilgrimage site in europe. the only rosary from the philippines i can distinguish from the collection is my sister's rosary from ust (because of ust's logo on the center bead). but that still doesn’t include my rosaries, charmaine’s and christopher’s rosaries too.

i carry a rosary wherever i go. i guess it’s my way of believing that there’s a supreme being guiding me wherever i go. call me cheesy but i won’t let your thoughts take away my guiding principle in life. i guess that’s one of the typical pinoy trait that you can see in me. =)

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