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Monday, 11 June 2007

run to you

oh. my. gorsh.

today's the last day of the board exams and i am so scared shitless of what the results may be. all of the medical-surgical nursing and psychiatric nursing really is difficult for me. call me fucking stupid but i couldn’t care more about what you say. at least i didn’t rely onto some crappy leaks just to pass. but anyway, i was glad that i am relaxed for the day and went through the exams well (meaning, i finished answering all of the items!).

i took my exams at ue manila.

ue's alma mater statue: inang ue for me

i love the atmosphere and the ambiance in my testing room. but i was kind of treated like a major space cadet because people kept looking at me and my food stash. ok. so i know that i am fat but that doesn’t justify that i’d eat all of it. seriously. on the first day of the exams, i only ate the two pieces of pizza that my mom let me take back to the dorm. so there. i wouldn’t want the scantron to scan my answer sheet covered with puke. hello! and hint: toilet flushes don’t work so well so i don’t need to eat a lot and end up crapping.

the first day made me smile. i didn’t memorize the laws that affect the nursing practice nor did study on the new topics in the new doh book so i was kinda nervous. and when i opened the exam booklet, holy fark! WALANG MGA REPUBLIC ACT AT YUNG NEW TOPICS SA DOH BOOK! yey. that’s the first time that i was so happy and was not actually bitter about not studying. the medsurg drove me nuts. but i was ok because i was able to answer some of it.

the second day was kaloka! most of the stuff that i have read on was not included in the exam. crap. the aftermath of the first day! i need not say more.

basta, naloka ako! sobrang naloka, di ko alam kung bakit run to you ang title nito!

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