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Thursday, 21 June 2007


i have been logged in almost all day for these past weeks. the excitement of knowing if i passed the board exams just kills me slowly. but then again there were rumors arising that a certain review center (i don't know what center) acquired leakage on questions regarding a certain portion of the test.

i just hate it when review centers always advertise some crappy sweet-talking bullcrap stating that they can fill your brain with all the topics that would come out of the board. yeah, whatever! i think these review centers are making major morons out of students when they say things like that. no, make that really profound, not just morons. that’s why i trust the low-profile review centers more.

i don’t see why most of the students rely on review centers in passing. i mean, duh! you studied for like, four long crap filled years and then you’re telling me that you didn’t learn anything? oh come on! so it was just a big joke that you graduated with a degree in hand. for me, a review for the board exams is just to reinforce what you have learned in the past four years. what i have experienced during the in-house review was like that because when the lecturer mentions something, the topic is brought to my conscious self. read: i discovered i have some knowledge left in me all this time. the knowledge was stuck between my unconscious and subconscious, though.

my advice to all future board-takers: read your books. boring as it may seem, it’s gonna help you in the long run. that’s the lesson i learned the hard way during the review period.

and as for the blood-sucking review center who had a leakage (if there really is): eat crap and die…and tell your reviewees to shut up and not brag about the exact same questions in their pre-board and the actual board exams. and i betcha, you guys didn’t know what dakin’s solution is. ha!

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