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Wednesday, 27 June 2007

what do i do when i'm really bored?

in accordance to being a bum who does less purposeful activities, i have resorted to tinkering with my camera phone. here are some of the shots i have made:

DSC03896the lush greeneryeuphorbia!
five leavespink flower

and being the inosente one, i just found out about adjusting the camera settings like using the macro function and the picture quality settings. the camera phone just ate me alive. 

i currently love taking nature shots even if i don't get out of the house. i can't get a decent view of the setting sun because electric wires are in the way and it just ruins the wonderful view. so there.


Jewel Angeles said...

Alam mo may photo albums din yung multiply. ;p

Hehe. Lately ko lang din nadiscover yung macro. I was in a frenzy when I first figured it out! Ah I suck pa. ;p

I like the first kitty shot! :)

KC Cervales said...

nasa flickr account ko yung mga yan...haha! madami pa dun eh..

sometimes i take photos like a maniac. kahit pa no na lang..at least i have something worthwhile to do aside from typing, net surfing and watching tv. =)