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Wednesday, 20 June 2007

what i love and hate nowadays, including these past few months

what made me pissed:
  1. people who don't respect your decision
  2. people who dis their friends
  3. people who made up crap about me and mark
  4. crappy daytime and afternoon tv programs (thank god for cable tv!)
  5. news programs that keep on including very irrelevant showbiz stories like "kurdapya, maitim ang kilikili". four words: i-DON'T-fucking-care!
what made me happy:
  1. jay manuel's show: style her famous
  2. our dsl connection
  3. my blog: the ice queen chronicles
  4. chocolate malt drink
  5. watching videos on youtube
i'm just frickin' bored...still waiting for the results of the board exams. oh crap, this sucks!

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