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Tuesday, 19 June 2007

what's this?!

i was at sm supermarket yesterday with my mom and my siblings when we chanced upon this:

what in the world?!

my sister charmaine told me that it was the "kanin ng engkanto". my brother said that it is just rice that was laden with squid ink. my siblings...so effing barbero! haha.


Jewel Angeles said...

I've heard of brown rice. But black??
Did you buy some? I want to try! Haha.

Joshua Cerezo said...

hahaha! that's was funny! ^_^ pero nakatikim na ako ng brown rice. ngayon ko lang nalaman na may black pa pala. ano ba yan? ano nanamang pakulo yan? haha!

KC Cervales said...

tama,black rice just freaked us out talaga. brown rice i've heard of pero black? geez!

ayoko i-try, baka tumira ako sa punso o kaya sa puno..haha engkanto!

Jewel Angeles said...

^ It probably has some special feature or characteristic. I'm gonna ask people I know who might have an idea when I get the chance.
I think it's cool! :)

Joshua Cerezo said...

siguro pag kumain ka nyan iitim yung ngipin mo, parang yung gum na "pintura" ba yun? i forgot. ^_^;

KC Cervales said...

haha! good one waj..

i think it's rich in fiber, like the brown rice. i remember from my nutrition class na as long as hindi white yung rice, rich in fiber yun. ay, ewan!