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Monday, 25 June 2007

when i look back at high school..

just now, my brother showed me the all-improved student handbook of dominican college of santa rosa. and i was envious because during my time you couldn't bear the sight of the handbook because they removed the "planner" portion of the handbook and the only thing left are the rules and regulations plus the excuse slips so it looks so lame-o.

just look:

the front cover: looks boring but it's kind of glossy (tinalo kami!)

the planner/organizer section is back!

sorry sa planner guidelines...wala kami niyan dati!

but on the other persepctive, i can't blame dominican if our handbook was fugly and full of crapola because they have to cut costs. there were lots of facilities to be improved and needed to be built. in fairness, dominican college really has improved a lot.

...because it doesn't look like a swamp anymore as i have left it four years ago. and since my brother and sister's graduation, i still haven't returned. my former filipino teacher, miss gretel gutierrez will be leaving for dubai so that leaves miss melba tejido as the only teacher i know.

well, life's like that. people come and go. things (and facilities) change for the better or for the worst. it's the sign of the times.

sometimes, it’s fun to look back but we have to keep in mind that we also have to move on…


anna o said...

waah! what's this?! I never imagined magkakaroon ng ganyang klase ng handbook sa D'can! Way to go, to whoever's done this.

I'm sooo glad I moved on. Keeping oneself stuck in some distant memory like high school has its harms. ^^

rich said...

omigosh ito na ba yun helllllleeeerrrrr!!!!!! ayos iwas waldas