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Saturday, 2 June 2007

when it is always me

it is only a few days away from the board exams and i can smell anxiety in the air.

not only that, i can feel the heavy pressure falling into me. i think that i have not been studying very well. unlike my classmates who were memorizing stuff and are able to answer stuff that our lecturers ask, i have been in the level of mediocrity. although i have been getting decent results in the pre-board exams, i should not be so confident because it doesn't mean that the pre-board will be the same than that of our actual board exams.

anyway, i was very relieved to know that a lot of our lecturers in the review keep on emphasizing that we hold the key to passing. yeah, my brain was always farting and kept on reminding me that it is not the review but the entire four years that we have worked so hard for can help us pass. aside from that, prayers do help relieve the anxiety.

my thoughts and ideas were always seen as very radical. crap if i don't think or act the same way as you do doesn't make me a rebel. i just don't know why people kept on isolating people whose ideologies or actions contradict theirs even if no harm was done to them. even if i am just discussing the pharmacokinetics of nitrates and just scanning my notes, doesn't mean i don't deserve respect. i am always "shushed" by some even if i shut up. it was really annoying but i have managed to settle it just recently and i managed to laugh about it.

anyways, i have to vent before studying. so here it is.

i can see thick clouds of uncertainty in the sky. they're so thick, you can cut it with a knife into slabs.

oh crap, i'm starting to feel all stressed out. again. retail therapy, help! lesportsac?!

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