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Tuesday, 31 July 2007

i'm back!

well, ang tagal ko ring nawala. in true celebration of my bum mode, nagbakasyon ako kaya di ako nakakapag-blog. aba, i deserve it naman no...kahit di pa ako kumikita and even if my funds are limited. eh yung iba nga na nagpaparinig sa akin na ma-datung na sila, ni wala ngang oras magbakasyon! hahaha. aanhin mo naman yung pera mo kung di mo magagamit sa bakasyon (that you really deserve)? keber ko sa pera mo. haller! at wag na sanang magparinig dahil hindi ako bingi. and for your information, tanggap kong palamunin ako. hmpf!

by the way, i'll post my travel chronicles as soon as my sister brings the camera home. i forgot to get copies of the photos. i'm still to lazy to type up. haha.

Thursday, 26 July 2007

of the shy girl video and yahoo articles

i chanced upon this video, entitled polka, in yahoo. it was made by a student named rodolfo collado hernandez, from the vancouver film school. the animation is simple, yet catchy. i just love the guitar sounds on the background.

i admire the soft color of the animation because it matches with the guitar sounds. i tried doing that kind of coloring with the use of watercolor. ok na sana pero syet, nabutas ang papel.

on the lighter note, i can relate with this video. manang bola kasi. ganyan ako sa mga kras ko (lalo na kay hubs at kay boo). *lol*

anyway, i also saw this article on yahoo, about the 9/11 rescue dog who died of cancer and the nursing home cat who is believed to predict the death of the residents. wala lang. i just love cats and dogs. i kinda teared up when i read the article about the dog because i remembered how useful ginger was. hmm...

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

wake up call

a lot of my friends and classmates have been up and going to apply for jobs at call centers. some of them are trying to force my lazy ass out of this chair so that i'd come with them in job hunting. my answer is still a resounding, NO.


wake up, kc...they said you need a job even if you don't really need it.

i prefer to work as a nurse, even if i'd work only as a trainee. seriously, i have nothing against call centers but knowing myself, i can be sucked in there. who wouldn't refuse a job that cashes in a lot? compared to the salary that nurses make, barya lang iyon sa kinikita ng call center agents. oops, halatang mukhang pera..*lol*

for me, kung itutuloy ko ang call center job, manghihinayang ako na mag-resign. sa laki ng sweldo ko, lalo na if the time comes that i'd be having my license, baka mahirapan akong mag-decide. atsaka sayang ang madugong case studies at ang pagiging exposed ko sa ptb. sayang ang tapang ko sa pagharap sa pasyente na suspected for meningococcemia sa ER. in short, it's all about the money and that i want action in my job because it serves as my battery that keeps me going. bawal kasi ang papatay-patay, ika nga nila.

mga neneng at dodong, action po ang hanap ng tamad kong pagkatao. madali kasi ako ma-bore. yun lang. peace out sa mga call center agents na makakabasa nito.

snow, glass, apples

i was reading this story entitled, “snow, glass, apples” by neil gaiman. it is actually based on the story of snow white and the seven dwarfs but done in a whole new light. the story was written according to the point of view of the queen. in the story, she wasn’t so evil after all. it was the prince and snow white who are eventually evil to the core.

i can't believe it. the prince charming IS a pervert. *lol* neil gaiman kicks ass.

my friend jewel gave me this link. read the story here. which reminds me, do you know if the book 'politically correct bedtime stories' is still being sold? i can't find any copy in the bookstores i frequently go to.

books/e-books or any reading material are my refuge as of now. well, aside from tv and net surfing of course.

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

of funny outfits and being different

before, i was so keen on being all too ratty because i'm afraid of the snide comments that i may receive when i wear my outfits that seem to flamboyant or weird to the filipino style palate. but when i ran out of clothes, i decided to wear those weird outfits that received funny looks and stares. it was then i noticed that i WAS different, thus the funny looks and stares...i didn't care. i enjoyed being different because i can be identified easily because it served as my social ID. kahit socially retarded ako. *lol*

chic shirt by henry holland

this photo of henry holland and his model would surely get the same reaction. but for me, this get-up is really chic. we filipinos are accustomed to the plain look, so when someone adds a touch of glam, it seems like a heinous crime has been committed...especially when theat touch of glam is so off for the outfit.

seriously, it isn't even in the unwritten philippine constitution that being different is a crime. so that means, i have the freedom to be different.

trip kong maging iba. so please, walang basagan ng trip. =)

Monday, 23 July 2007

oh operating room!

i attended the operating room techniques and instrumentation seminar held at the philippine nurses association national headquarters last july 20. it was a good thing for me, actually because the newest standards for intraoperative nursing was discussed. i learned a lot of new stuff and i hope that this can help me in the near future.

surgical handwashing...dumdidumdum...

i really missed the or because that's my most favorite clinical area ever. hayluvet so much that i took it as my area of specialization during the second semester of my fourth year. i just love the kickass action inside the or. for me, it is the area wherein i have to learn how to be barubal, and not go all the way maarte. i can still pig out even if i just assisted on a really bloody surgery. think: after assisting an IM nailing, i ate a lot of bulalo my mom cooked as soon as i got home..even if the bulalo reminded me so much of the surgery earlier. the sight of the bone marrow scraped out of the tibia = bone marrow on the bulalo. i don't care. i'm hungry and i need to eat.

some more photos:

toxic ako...nagrupture kasi yung isang portion ng pancreatic tumor

so eto yung pancreatic tumor..mukhang tocino *lol*

prepping the sterile field...

i miss the OR..

here kitty, kitty, kitty

i was flabbergasted when i saw the traffic in my blog. there are lots of visitors already and...

medyo nahiya naman ako dahil masyadong nega ang aking huling post. baka sabihin masyado akong...EVIL.

pwede rin. *lol*

anyway, our cat, evil kitty gave birth last saturday to three little critters...muntik pang manganak si evil sa supa. nilipat namin ni toper sa likod ng bahay. mukha nga akong tange kasi feeling ko naman tao yung nanganak. as in with matching, "baby out!" at may oras pa yun bawat labas ng kuting. yung pangalawa medyo alanganin kasi maliit tapos di pa dumedede. nagpaka-nurse naman ako at ina-assess ko yung kuting every 2 hours. syet, feeling ko naman nasa nicu ako. *lol*

sa picture pa lang, halatang may dystocia si evil kitty. naawa nga ako eh!

eto ang buong pamilya:

kitty #1: baby out= 2:46 pm
kitty #2: a.k.a. voldemort: baby out= 3:31 pm
kitty #3: baby out= 4:50 pm

sad nga lang kasi namatay yung pangalawa nung sunday ng umaga. di pa nga namin trip bigyan ng pangalan. pero dahil na-deds na, nagkaron siya ng pangalan bago ko nilibing. medyo sinister lang ang pangalan kasi naisip namin na pangalanang voldemort. harhar. i'll post the names of the other kittens some other time after we have named them already.

so medyo na-relieve ang aking evil-imbyerna-impakta mode dahil dito...thank goodness!

Friday, 20 July 2007


once again, i'm on this evil-imbyerna-impakta mode and currently going hardcore with the keyboard. i just found out that this crapola generator has been spilling my picadilly runabouts to almost everyone but doesn't want everyone to know about her misdeeds.

shame on you. what are you afraid of? are you scared shitless that people will talk about about you and your dirty little secret?

i trusted you a lot so it's not easy to bury the hatchet with this one. you must have a lot of courage to tell people who couldn't be trusted, some things about me that they really would give a shit to. they gave enough shit so they made up lame-oh stories and events about how i met this guy. i just don't know what's wrong with me going out with a physician. i'm single, he's single. i don't see anything wrong with that. i may be 6 years his junior but that was not a problem with us. i don't know with you. o ayan, look at what's happening. people have been talking about me, saying the most hurtful words i can imagine.

because of that, i hope that you have the same amount of courage to admit that you're not the little miss perfect that you are. and that you're sooo much hung up on being illegit. well, i wish you were in my place now so that you'd know why it is important to keep mum about my dates. face it, you live in a cruel world. people talk. you do a dirty deed, you get creamed up for that. ooh, are you scared that other people may know about that and bitch out on you? and oh, i love your motto, "desperate times call for desperate measures". just when i thought you couldn't sink in no lower...you drowned.

im tired of all of your lies and bullshit as a pathetic exuse to come out clean. feigning innocence is just so wrong because when i look at you, you reek of guilt. just an advice: next time, dish out crap about youself and not about other people because your envy is so imminent. ang masasabi ko na lang, hmpf, chaka ka!

Thursday, 19 July 2007

pets that have gone by...

since i have mentioned muning and ginger before, here are some random facts about them and some of their photos:

ginger: ang sosyaling aso..
> hiningi ni toper kina ninang volet
> ang pangalan ng nanay niya ay nala
> ayaw matulog sa sahig..kailangan nilalatagan ng basahan.
> palaging nakahiga sa tahi ni mommy
> pihikan sa pagkain pero matakaw...umakyat siya dati sa table at nakita ko na lang na tinitira na ang goto ni charmaine.
> sobrang takot sa tubig...grabeng pumalag kapag papaliguan
> gustong-gusto magpa-"tummy rub".
> eskandalosa, konting madali mo siya, mag-iingay na. lalo na kapag papaturukan ng anti-rabies, di pa tinutusok, nagwawala na.
> trusty dog...mahilig tumahol kapag may strangers
> always keeps you company..lalo na kapag mag-isa ka lang sa bahay. susundan ka niya kung san ka pupunta. kunwari nasa loob ako ng kwarto ko, sisilip yan para makita niyang andun nga ako. minsan andon lang siya, minsan aalis na lang pero babalik
> ang laki ng takot nyan kay daddy..marinig lang niya ang yabag ng paa ni daddy, umaalis na yan. alam na kasi niya na papagalitan siya o kaya papaluin para lumabas. ayaw kasi ni daddy na may aso sa loob ng bahay.
> di masyadong takot kay mommy. big sad puppy dog eyes lang ang katapat ng sermon, patatawarin na rin ni mommy with matching yakap pa.
> mahilig humiga sa sofa set at sa kama namin
> dating kaaway ni ate richelle..pero best friends na sila ngayon
> ka-love team niya si butch, yung aso ng kapitbahay namin.
> gusting-gusto niyang ngatngatin yung dulo ng talong na natitira sa torta
> may 5 naging anak, namatay lahat…> binihisan siya dati ni toper at charmaine ng vest (aka chaleco) na uniform dati ni toper nung nursery siya. kaso isang araw biglang umuwi si ginger na din a suot yun. sabi ni toper baka yung mga taga-queen anne ang nag-alis. isipin nyo, yung uniform ng school mo ang suot ng aso, di ka ba magdadalawang isip na tanggalin yun?

ngayon, si muning naman…before, we don't have a cat. my lola loreta is the only person i know who loves cats. now, i do love them.

muning: mukhang sosyalin pero barubal na pusa
> napulot naming siya ni charmaine sa kisame ng bodega naming dun sa dati naming bahay
> mahilig mandagit ng pagkain...kahit busog na siya
> friends sila dati ni ginger…simula nung nanganak si ginger kay baki, naging magka-away na sila
> kaibigan niya yung aso ng mananahi naming dati na si ate mila. minsan tabi pa sila kung matulog…
> may tropa siya dun sa dati naming bahay. kaso nagkahiwa-hiwalay sila nung lumipat na kami ng bahay. si muning lang kasi yung sinama ni mommy.
> magaling manghuli ng daga. promise! di niya talaga uurungan. madugong habulan ang mangyayari tapos mahuhuli din niya in the end.
> nagtitira ng isang parte ng daga..katulad ng ulo. nagulat nga si charmaine kasi kakaiba yung pakiramdam kapag tinatapak niya yung sapatos niya. only to find out na nakatapak siya ng ulo ng daga na iniwan ni muning sa basahan sa tapat ng sink.
> maraming beses na nakunan..
> parang naloka yata to dati nung biglang namatay yung 3 anak niya. laging ngumingiyaw tapos tumatabi sa amin sa kama sa gabi. nagulat ako one time kasi nagising ako ng madaling araw kasi mabigat ang ulo ko..andun siya sa ulunan ko, natutulog.
> mahilig magpahimas ng tiyan…
> nilagyan namin siya ng kwintas na may pendant na galing sa lumang chandelier naming. dati, di siya umuwi, natakot kami kasi baka nakidnap na!
> astig ang mga nanligaw ditto. merong siamese cat na todo papansin talaga tapos mga barakong pusa na matataba. halos lahat cute. except kay mr. suave, mukhang gusgusin
> kumakain si muning ng gulay! mahilig siya sa kangkong…
> dati nakipag-away yan, umuwi na may malaking sugat sa mukha. ginamot namin ni ate richelle. napag-practisan ko tuloy siya ng wound cleaning.

i really love them both. sayang nga lang at namatay sila...on the same year pa. joke nga dito sa bahay, sukob daw sila sa taon...haha.

we don’t own a dog anymore. bingo and gats were too hyper and keeps on gnawing on her work so mommy had to give them away. we only have evil kitty as a pet. yun lang!

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

what's in a name?

i can't help posting this here…i was so perplexed with what our surname means. so i had my surname translated. our surname, cervales is a spanish term for deer. ah ok. i thought our surname was just a knockoff of the surname cervantes.

ah kaya pala natutuwa ako sa logo ng abercrombie and fitch...joke!

fyi, the surname cervales is prevalent in roxas city, capiz. o, tumigil kayo diyan, wala kaming lahing aswang. my dad said that if ever we encounter anyone with this surname, it means that we might be somewhat related because there are quite a few of us, actually.

oh well, that’s something new learned for today…i have to go because i have to watch national geographic specials… =)

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

random thoughts

i'm up to working on my requirements for application as a trainee nurse in pgh. as i was typing my cv and resume, i noticed that the seminars i attended are all related to research. i need some skill-enhancing seminars. i'm looking for IV therapy seminars but it's not yet scheduled by the pna. so i'm up to attend the OR nursing seminar on the 26th, since perioperative nursing is my favorite and it was my area of specialization during my last year.

i never knew that the real world is really different from my student nurse world. akala ko license lang ang pinagkaiba pero hindi pala, malaki talaga ang pagkakaiba. since then, my attitude has changed because my priorities right now are related to self-improvement and self-motivation. kulang ako niyan dati nung estudyante pa lang ako. i'm happy because as early as now, i have realized that fact.

lesson: there's always a room for change. always allow change for the better.


i just came in from my dermatologist. she said that the zit parade on my left cheek seems to be hormonal since it appears before and after the monthly visit. if it happens after my medications, she's gonna refer me to an ob-gyn or an endocrinologist. syet, abnormal ba ako? *lol* kidding.

akalain mo yun, even if it was like that, i'm seeing it again as another med school motivator. i found it astig that dra. ruffy was analyzing the data then the next thing i know, she's whipping up her prescription pad to write my meds. ang astig nun. grabe, i just love that kind of brain work. nakakachallenge.

thanks to the motivation of some of my friends and dra tes, i finally had the courage to fill up the ust faculty of medicine and surgery application form. now that's a start.


i hate it when people underestimate or undermine mongrels, more popularly known as askal or asong kalye. i absolutely get annoyed when people compare the mongrels to those dog breeds then end up saying, "walang kwenta naman ang aso namin, askal kasi eh". ang masasabi ko lang sa mga ganyan ay, "ulol ka!"

bakit, kesyo ba hindi sila gahigante tulad ng great dane at di sila sosyalin, wala na silang karapatan sa atensyon at pagmamahal natin? kaya kapag nanonood ako ng mga documentaries tungkol sa animal abuse, hindi ako nanonood. magiging drama lang yan kasi naiiyak talaga ako kapag nakikita kong sinasaktan yung mga hayop. di bale kung peste ang pinapatay...

our dogs have all been mongrels. even if they do not exude class, we have given them the utmost care and in return, those dogs have shown us a great amount of loyalty. i remember my mom's story that she was awakened by our dog's incessant barking because there was a thief inside our backyard. my dad was abroad that time and my sisters and i were still little. nothing bad happened because my mom fired a warning shot in order to scare away the thief...that's all because of our trusty ol' dog...that happened to be a mongrel.

mongrels are dear to me. that's why when our pets died, syet, i have to cry. even if people around me laugh at my tear-streaked face while digging a hole to bury our dog, i don't fucking care. the dead dog deserves my attention and tears rather than them. pasalamat na lang sila dahil di sila ang nililibing ko. *lol*

..di kapani-paniwalang, di ako makatulog nung namatay si ginger last year. i heart her so much. <3

if the time comes that i can afford dogs with a kickass breed, i will never trade mongrels for them and i am not ashamed to tell people that my dog is an askal. because for me, mongrels are more kickass than any dog breed in the whole wide world.


i always have a thing for science. napa-wow talaga ako sa student ng marikina science high na nanalo ng 2nd place sa isang science fair (or something). he discovered that the oil from the janitor fish can be made into biofuel. punyeta, kickass talaga! parang gusto kong mag-aral ulit pero ang course ko naman biochemistry. hala!

if our curriculum in high school was science enriched, siguro ang saya-saya ko kasi magpapaka-intrimitida na naman ako at makikialam ng gamit sa lab. mahilig kasi ako mag-experiment. kaso wala eh, more on business ang focus namin kaya lahat na lang ata para sa akin business opportunity. *lol*

so when i had my microbiology and parasitology course in my second year in college, i’m so active with all the experiments..lalo na sa propagation ng bacterial colonies and gram staining. as in bibo kid talaga. i’m loving it.

those who have a love for science has been always labeled nerds and dorks. of course, i can’t do anything about this social stigma. but then again, i’m proud to say that i am a NERD and i am a DORK.

Sunday, 15 July 2007

in the silver screen

being the harry potter addict that i am, i want to watch harry potter and the order of the phoenix on its exact date of release. but being the social retard that i am, i avoid big crowds and the long queue for the line so i watched it today. i miscalculated because it was a weekend, and a sunday at that.

anyway, i always thought that book 5 is sucky. for the record, i really didn't like that one so i think that the movie would also be sucky. haha, a bad fan. but i'm being objective. there were lots of alterations in the story in which i thought made the movie plunge down the meter. but i liked the special effects though. don't you just love the duel between voldemort and dumbledore. the effects just kicks ass.

not considering the movie house, my experience in watching harry potter was ok.

afterwards, my mom bought me a jacket at scoop. labo ko no? mainit pa rin pero bumili ako ng jacket. incentive na rin siguro para tanggapin ko na yung training job na inaalok sa akin sa hospital..aba ang tagal ko ng bum.

gotta go. still have to type up my CV. ciao!

Friday, 13 July 2007


ay naku. i'm throwing a hissy fit. this is the second time that something from me was copied. i hate it when people copy but do not credit the owner or creator. i copy but i ask permission from the owner or credit the owner properly. the first one is that my shoutout in friendster was copied and pasted and was used as her own shoutout. now, punyeta, somebody copied my haircut. what's ka-jirits pa is that my haircut is the brainchild of my hairdresser since childhood na di ko pinagpapalit sa mga uber sosyal na parlor.

i love bhoy gutierrez to bits. he works like magic because i look so dignified when he's the one cutting my hair. i trust him with my hair so when i had my hair cut, i told him to cut my hair in any way he likes considering my desired length and face framing requests so that i won't look like a siopao. he personalized the haircut, bumagay naman. kaya feeling ko napakaganda ko matapos kong magupitan:

malandi ka, kc!

sayang walang back view para you can see the difference. so the cut is like, bhoy's property. sana may intellectual property rights sa haircut so that he can be credited for his creativity..at mahihirapan ang mga gustong mang-gaya ng pauso niyang haircut. hmpf, bwiset!

consider this superficial but it really irks me when they claim something mine as their own.

check out this link from my sister's blog regarding bhoy gutierrez, our hairdresser extraordinaire.

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Sony Ericsson W960i

Category:Computers & Electronics
Product Type: Cell-phones
Manufacturer:  Sony Ericsson

this is soon to be released in the market. i came across with this when sony ericsson e-mailed me of the new products and downloads since i subscribe to their newsletter.

this phone is supported by a symbian os. this also boasts of an 8GB internal memory, 3.2 megapixel camera with auto-focus, walkman player, fm radio, 3G capability, and WLAN. it also allows for usb support and web browsing through the opera web browser. did i mention that it is also a touch screen phone?

i'm not that sure if it has a stylus. being a neat freak, i hate finger grime on my screen so it drops a notch on my rating. some of the features can also be found on their first generation of media phones. but other features such as the screen resolution, WLAN, 8GB internal memory are some of the things that separates it from the previous phones.

if you guys want to check it out, go to sonyericsson.com for further info. and as for me, this is my new eyecandy..but i'm not getting this as soon as possible.

look who's going emotional/sentimental

homaygolly. i'm so saturated with the marcus raphael in new york thingy that i am eventually becoming hideously mellow. and with that, i can't get over this song until now.

howie day's collide

hainaco, ka-jirits na talaga. ayoko na maging emo-senti, utang na loob.

the ice queen explains of her faith

during the board exam preparation, i did not ask for god's help too much (read: super pilgrimage everyday). i only asked for help in the level of mediocrity, meaning i asked for guidance through my daily prayers and regular sunday masses. many people have been asking me (until now: so annoying) why am i not doing this "pilgrimage" when a lot of board takers flock to this and that church. you might say na ang yabang ko naman for not doing so. but i have my own reasons...and for crying out loud, NAGDADASAL DIN NAMAN AKO!
  • i'm not used to going to mass because i want something from god. i go to mass because i WANT TO and not because everyone else is doing so. ano naman yun, magsisimba lang ako dahil lang may kailangan ako at dahil lahat sila nagsisimba?
  • if ever i hear mass in churches like quiapo, i want to regularly come back afterwards as a sign of thanksgiving. knowing my socially retarded self, i can't do that.
  • i still have to study a lot dahil jungengot pa ako sa ibang topics. according to sir randy, my religion teacher in high school, god answers the prayers of those who deserve it. how would god answer your prayer kung di ka man lang nag-aaral at chillax ka lang palagi? logically, talagang di ka nga rin papasa kung ni isang concept hindi mo alam. mag-aral ka at magdasal dahil pwede kang tulungan ni god halukayin ang "stuck" knowledge mo.
  • for me, it doesn't matter where you go for prayer. kahit nga sa kinauupuan mo lang ikaw magdasal, as long you pray with faith and conviction, maririnig ka ng ni-roll call mong mga santo at ni god.

i just hate it when people measure my faith with the number of times i have been going to mass and how many major basilicas or shrines i have been in. it pains me to be accused of not even praying when in fact, i am actually praying. i have faith in god but people tend to think the other way.

i hope they realize someday that what they are accustomed to isn't always the measure of what is acceptable or not.

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

i was tagged!

so in a true blogger fashion, i'm playing this game of tag. i'm gonna tell you guys seven things that you may consider as my "jologs" quotient...pero wa ko care. here goes:
  • i love watching walang kapalit...and i'm actually hooked on it especially with piolo pascual <3>*lol!*. natutuwa ako kay jodi sta. maria kasi winner ang impakta at looney acting niya. at least appropriate naman din ang suot niya sa impakta roles niya..unlike nung iba talk show lang, naka-gown pa.
  • i own a lot of cassette tapes of boybands..and i still have mp3 files of boybands.
  • usually, i look for any form of videoke when it comes to parties. mapa-machine man yan or dvd, wala akong paki basta kakanta ako. feeling ko kasi ang galing kong kumanta at napakaganda ng boses ko.
  • i'm still sleeping with my two stuffed bears beside me while hugging my hotdog pillow.
  • big spiders freak me out. kapag posible para makalayo, kumakaripas ako ng takbo with matching sigaw pa kapag nakakakita ako ng kahit anong gagambang malaki..kahit gagambang bahay, basta malaki, takot ako.
  • i shop at ukay-ukay shops (thrift stores kung gusto nyo ng sosyal) if i want unique but inexpensive tops...kuripot eh! minsan magugulat ka na lang na yung nabili mong blouse ay authentic na jill stuart pala.
  • i used to skip review classes so that i can go and buy green mangoes with matching bagoong, or buy some fish balls or kwek-kwek from manong boyet. masarap mamapak nito! atsaka, mahirap intindihin ang lecture kapag gutom..wala na, baboy na!

after this, i'll tag those who i don't know...para mas masaya. =)

Monday, 9 July 2007

cashew nut overload

my mom and i went to antipolo last sunday and we bought two kilos of cashew nuts after hearing mass. at home, i ate a lot of cashew nuts until my throat became scratchy. as scratchy as my throat is, my conscious and subconscious has been itching to spew out some thoughts that make it scratchy.

  1. for some people, pwede ba stop pretending that you're my friend. technically, friends don't break the trust by spilling stuff about you that other people shouldn't know. what's more annoying is that they have to lie so that they can come out clean even if every circumstance points directly at them..so don't go making parinig that you're trustworthy because in my book, you're not.

  2. i was surfing the net one time and i saw this mail-order bride crap that says, "marry a great girl from quezon, philippines. exotic looks and sexy bodies, choose from the following:"...but the girls are caucasian. naloka ako dun. may caucasian na pala na taga-quezon?!

  3. i still don't like generic clothing. naloka ako sa nakita ko sa mall of asia na isang barkada na halos pare-parehas ang suot na shirt. kulay lang yung pinagkaiba, parang sasayaw sila. so for me, uniforms are so much better because at least that's something that you're allowed to be the same. so don't give me the lame-o reason that uniforms in college shouldn't exist so that individuality can be practiced. individuality kayo diyan?! where's individuality when everybody's wearing shirt and jeans that almost look the same?

  4. i don't feel so shy now about dressing up because i learned to take the snide comments as a motivation. when everybody's wearing jeans, i wear a skirt. they'd say na babaeng-babae ako or jokingly ask kung anong oras ang misa. wa ko care. i dare to be different. walang basagan ng trip.

  5. hindi naman nakakadiring bumili ng damit sa ukay-ukay, taliwas sa sinasabi ng iba. siyempre naman, lalabahan mo muna yun bago isuot. and sometimes, you can get stuff that was slightly used or never been used at all. so para sa mga namimintas sa mga ukay fanatics, tumigil kayo diyan dahil di namin kayo pinakikialaman. trip naming maging kuripot.

  6. i am overwhelmed by the recent turn-out of events. i didn't know that the word "traitor" is all the rage. like what i have said before, with the rage, maybe lacoste would launch a bag model called "traitor" that would beat out tokidoki by lesportsac's cucciolo in spiaggia print and louis vuitton's neverfull bag. winner!

  7. i wish mommy would clean up her closet and give away those clothes that wouldn't fit. i can't stuff her clothes in there anymore.

  8. i can't wait for the release of the board exam results because i am so bored out of my wits. no further explanations necessary.

so there...some thoughts that my brain has decided to cough out. more thoughts will come out after i have finished a jar of cashew nuts.

Friday, 6 July 2007

look who's going emo!

i'm sorry. i can't help it..i am going emotive/emotional now. and now, collide by howie day is really stuck in my head. if you’re gonna ask me why i am on this emo mode, i'm yet not in the mood to rant. *sigh*. these are the lyrics of collide

The dawn is breaking
A light shining through
You're barely waking
And I'm tangled up in you

I'm open, you're closed
Where I follow, you'll go
I worry I won't see your face
Light up again

Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the wrong words seem to rhyme
Out of the doubt that fills my mind
I somehow find
You and I collide

I'm quiet you know
You make a first impression
I've found I'm scared to know I'm always on your mind

Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the stars refuse to shine
Out of the back you fall in time
I somehow find
You and I collide

Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the wrong words seem to rhyme
Out of the doubt that fills your mind
You finally find
You and I collide

You finally find
You and I collide
You finally find
You and I collide

Thursday, 5 July 2007

must love cats

previously, i have posted something about my disappointment with evil kitty because she's pregnant. i used to be, but not anymore. my annoyance is geared towards popeye, our neighbor's cat with, well, a popped eye. the brute is soooo kapal muks because he keeps on entering our house (successfully), eat up evil kitty's food and pee on any part of the house. and of course, yours truly is the chimini-aa (chimay na all around) of this house so i have to clean his mess up. my mom was even annoyed because my mom answered the phone and left the fish on the kitchen countertop since evil kitty never climbs that part. when mom came back, the fish was on the floor and its belly was ripped apart by no other than popeye.

i have to laugh at my brother's statement which is, "nambuntis na nga, palamunin pa". as if the cat knows that. lol!

there were no stray cats that enters the house before because of our dog, ginger. but when ginger died, male cats constantly came over to make pa-cute to our former cat, muning, who by the way is evil kitty's mom and died during the typhoon milenyo. since ginger hasn't been replaced, stray cats continue to come in to this very day no matter how hard we try to block all entry points.

i wish the strays would be like simon. read simon's story here so that everybody would know why cats shouldn't be turned into siopao filling.

lovin' cats and dogs... =)

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

post secrets

my friend jewel and i were chatting over ym and she sent me this link to post secret and a multiply page (i forgot the url). i forgot about that site actually, so i browsed around to update myself. i found some of the "secrets" that i can relate to somehow.



there are different kinds of post secrets. making one has an anything goes topic. some of the post secrets can really make you laugh...some of the secrets that are fun to read are those of guys brooding over lost love. hey, it isn't everyday you hear a guy so sappy and mushy. like this one:


fascinating 'eh? =)

cool cartoon

here are my new favorite cartoon characters...adios and ciao ciao. these are included in the tokidoki collection designed by simone legno.

adios and ciao ciao
ciao ciao and adios...minus skeletrino the cat 

they even have a story:

"Adios spent 500 years in fire and brimstone before the Devil discovered his good natured ways and kicked him out of Hell. Too mischievous for Heaven, Adios was condemned to live forever on earth, in his modern grave-loft with his girlfriend Ciao Ciao and their cat Skeletrino. Together, Adios and Ciao Ciao wander the world, sharing with others how to make the most out of this life."   -simone legno

adios and ciao ciao are kickass characters that you don't see everywhere. they look so evil but they really aren't. i'm going to look for stuff featuring these two because i really love them. but i'm still going to find images of skeletrino.

Monday, 2 July 2007

simple and inexpensive things can make you smile too...

some people think i only buy expensive stuff. no, i don't...makunat pa ako sa clover chips na na-expose sa hangin. my or/dr slippers are only 30 bucks but have been very useful to me. even if i'm not inside the or/dr anymore, i'm now using it as my pambahay slippers. but just today, i freaked out because i have to say goodbye to it...because it was ruined!


this shows just how useful my slippers are...
blood splatters that cannot be removed anymore even with vigorous scrubbing..

kaya naman i don't care how expensive an object may cost as long as it serves its purpose, i'm happy with it.

messages and resolutions

in the recent turn-out of events, here's what i have to say:

to the board of nursing: oo na po, mahirap na yung exam. kaloka talaga to the nth power. sana naman po the board results should be free of the "doctoral degree"..at sana ipasa nyo po ako!

to ust faculty of medicine and surgery: bawal po ba ang tawad sa tuition fee ninyo? ayoko po kasing tumira sa ilalim ng tulay pag tinapos ko yung med sa inyo.

to up college of medicine: pamatay po masyado ang required nmat rating ninyo. kahit yata e.coli ko sa gi tract ko maloloka sa taas niyan.

to mark: hinay-hinay lang. deep breathing ka muna...baka ka hikain kahit wala kang hika.

to the annoying chismosas: tama na sa paggawa ng chismis..nakakamatay yan. and please don't deny it kapag nabuking na kayo, ok? don't even think about coming clean. i won't let you explain anymore dahil di tayo friends.

to the papparazzi who leaked my "love story" to the chismosas: aww, you're so sweet. tinalo mo pa si voltron, the defender of the universe sa pagtatanggol sa universe ko. sabit ka na naman pala sa mga chismosa.

to piolo pascual: winner ka sa talaga sa walang kapalit. crush na kita...(haha!)

to abs-cbn: congratulations sa pbb big night at the big dome. i proved that you weren't manipulating the text votes after all..at wala po bang bagong project si tj trinidad? (haha, manyakis mode)

to my hubby: tumataba daw tayo ah! tinalaban ka na rin sa wakas ng isang bandehadong kanin diet mo..continue to flash that smile that launched a thousand errors. galingan mo sa pagkumpuni ng sirang buto.

to the male dormmates of my sisters: bawal ang feeling. di nila kayo mahal..crush lang. at selected nga lang kung sino.

to national bookstore and powerbooks: utang na loob, when are you going to have stocks of love in the time of cholera?!? i'm itching to buy and read it.

to mimi-gel: good luck sa parson's. i'll miss you so much when you'll head to new york. work it ok? i'm the first to look for your label because i know you hate generic style as much as i do. try mo mag-internship sa proenza schouler kasi ok daw dun... =)