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Monday, 9 July 2007

cashew nut overload

my mom and i went to antipolo last sunday and we bought two kilos of cashew nuts after hearing mass. at home, i ate a lot of cashew nuts until my throat became scratchy. as scratchy as my throat is, my conscious and subconscious has been itching to spew out some thoughts that make it scratchy.

  1. for some people, pwede ba stop pretending that you're my friend. technically, friends don't break the trust by spilling stuff about you that other people shouldn't know. what's more annoying is that they have to lie so that they can come out clean even if every circumstance points directly at them..so don't go making parinig that you're trustworthy because in my book, you're not.

  2. i was surfing the net one time and i saw this mail-order bride crap that says, "marry a great girl from quezon, philippines. exotic looks and sexy bodies, choose from the following:"...but the girls are caucasian. naloka ako dun. may caucasian na pala na taga-quezon?!

  3. i still don't like generic clothing. naloka ako sa nakita ko sa mall of asia na isang barkada na halos pare-parehas ang suot na shirt. kulay lang yung pinagkaiba, parang sasayaw sila. so for me, uniforms are so much better because at least that's something that you're allowed to be the same. so don't give me the lame-o reason that uniforms in college shouldn't exist so that individuality can be practiced. individuality kayo diyan?! where's individuality when everybody's wearing shirt and jeans that almost look the same?

  4. i don't feel so shy now about dressing up because i learned to take the snide comments as a motivation. when everybody's wearing jeans, i wear a skirt. they'd say na babaeng-babae ako or jokingly ask kung anong oras ang misa. wa ko care. i dare to be different. walang basagan ng trip.

  5. hindi naman nakakadiring bumili ng damit sa ukay-ukay, taliwas sa sinasabi ng iba. siyempre naman, lalabahan mo muna yun bago isuot. and sometimes, you can get stuff that was slightly used or never been used at all. so para sa mga namimintas sa mga ukay fanatics, tumigil kayo diyan dahil di namin kayo pinakikialaman. trip naming maging kuripot.

  6. i am overwhelmed by the recent turn-out of events. i didn't know that the word "traitor" is all the rage. like what i have said before, with the rage, maybe lacoste would launch a bag model called "traitor" that would beat out tokidoki by lesportsac's cucciolo in spiaggia print and louis vuitton's neverfull bag. winner!

  7. i wish mommy would clean up her closet and give away those clothes that wouldn't fit. i can't stuff her clothes in there anymore.

  8. i can't wait for the release of the board exam results because i am so bored out of my wits. no further explanations necessary.

so there...some thoughts that my brain has decided to cough out. more thoughts will come out after i have finished a jar of cashew nuts.

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