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Thursday, 12 July 2007

the ice queen explains of her faith

during the board exam preparation, i did not ask for god's help too much (read: super pilgrimage everyday). i only asked for help in the level of mediocrity, meaning i asked for guidance through my daily prayers and regular sunday masses. many people have been asking me (until now: so annoying) why am i not doing this "pilgrimage" when a lot of board takers flock to this and that church. you might say na ang yabang ko naman for not doing so. but i have my own reasons...and for crying out loud, NAGDADASAL DIN NAMAN AKO!
  • i'm not used to going to mass because i want something from god. i go to mass because i WANT TO and not because everyone else is doing so. ano naman yun, magsisimba lang ako dahil lang may kailangan ako at dahil lahat sila nagsisimba?
  • if ever i hear mass in churches like quiapo, i want to regularly come back afterwards as a sign of thanksgiving. knowing my socially retarded self, i can't do that.
  • i still have to study a lot dahil jungengot pa ako sa ibang topics. according to sir randy, my religion teacher in high school, god answers the prayers of those who deserve it. how would god answer your prayer kung di ka man lang nag-aaral at chillax ka lang palagi? logically, talagang di ka nga rin papasa kung ni isang concept hindi mo alam. mag-aral ka at magdasal dahil pwede kang tulungan ni god halukayin ang "stuck" knowledge mo.
  • for me, it doesn't matter where you go for prayer. kahit nga sa kinauupuan mo lang ikaw magdasal, as long you pray with faith and conviction, maririnig ka ng ni-roll call mong mga santo at ni god.

i just hate it when people measure my faith with the number of times i have been going to mass and how many major basilicas or shrines i have been in. it pains me to be accused of not even praying when in fact, i am actually praying. i have faith in god but people tend to think the other way.

i hope they realize someday that what they are accustomed to isn't always the measure of what is acceptable or not.

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