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Sunday, 15 July 2007

in the silver screen

being the harry potter addict that i am, i want to watch harry potter and the order of the phoenix on its exact date of release. but being the social retard that i am, i avoid big crowds and the long queue for the line so i watched it today. i miscalculated because it was a weekend, and a sunday at that.

anyway, i always thought that book 5 is sucky. for the record, i really didn't like that one so i think that the movie would also be sucky. haha, a bad fan. but i'm being objective. there were lots of alterations in the story in which i thought made the movie plunge down the meter. but i liked the special effects though. don't you just love the duel between voldemort and dumbledore. the effects just kicks ass.

not considering the movie house, my experience in watching harry potter was ok.

afterwards, my mom bought me a jacket at scoop. labo ko no? mainit pa rin pero bumili ako ng jacket. incentive na rin siguro para tanggapin ko na yung training job na inaalok sa akin sa hospital..aba ang tagal ko ng bum.

gotta go. still have to type up my CV. ciao!


arnie said...

nung 1st day naman ng HP, unti lang ang nanood. akala ko nga puno ang mga movi house.
haay, buti ka pa may temporary job na. ako wala pa rin... pero, tulad mo nag-apply-apply na rin. habang tumatagal yung resulta..lalong nakaka-kaba. there was this text brigade pa nga that i received sabi from BON daw. 35% kang daw ang pumasa kamusta naman yun. sa august pa daw ang result..taggaaaaaaaaaaal.

Anonymous said...

Got disappointed with the movie,ayan kasi,nag-expect ako masyado.haha.pero for me hindi nga din ganung "cool" yung book.pero ganda ng fighting scenes,hotness si Sirius.Hahaha

Anonymous said...

queen of mean here.tinatamad kasi ako mag-type ng password at username.=)

kc said...

ah ok..haha. ikaw pala yan.

di ba winner yung naging pulbos yung salamin? oo nga hotness si sirius, kaso na-deds lang...