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Thursday, 12 July 2007

look who's going emotional/sentimental

homaygolly. i'm so saturated with the marcus raphael in new york thingy that i am eventually becoming hideously mellow. and with that, i can't get over this song until now.

howie day's collide

hainaco, ka-jirits na talaga. ayoko na maging emo-senti, utang na loob.


Lesley Anne Tubio said...

keythie!! ok lng naman maging emo-senti ah...üÜü i really like this song too... hehe.. at sa PBB2 ko pa na-discover ang kantang to... haha.. wala lang...üÜü

Jewel Angeles said...


KC?! Datchu!?
Ayiiiiii. ;)

KC Cervales said...

mama leth..kaloka. di naman kasi ako NORMALLY emo-senti...haha! abnormal feeling ito.. :D

KC Cervales said...

i can't actually believe that this is me...*lol!*