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Friday, 20 July 2007


once again, i'm on this evil-imbyerna-impakta mode and currently going hardcore with the keyboard. i just found out that this crapola generator has been spilling my picadilly runabouts to almost everyone but doesn't want everyone to know about her misdeeds.

shame on you. what are you afraid of? are you scared shitless that people will talk about about you and your dirty little secret?

i trusted you a lot so it's not easy to bury the hatchet with this one. you must have a lot of courage to tell people who couldn't be trusted, some things about me that they really would give a shit to. they gave enough shit so they made up lame-oh stories and events about how i met this guy. i just don't know what's wrong with me going out with a physician. i'm single, he's single. i don't see anything wrong with that. i may be 6 years his junior but that was not a problem with us. i don't know with you. o ayan, look at what's happening. people have been talking about me, saying the most hurtful words i can imagine.

because of that, i hope that you have the same amount of courage to admit that you're not the little miss perfect that you are. and that you're sooo much hung up on being illegit. well, i wish you were in my place now so that you'd know why it is important to keep mum about my dates. face it, you live in a cruel world. people talk. you do a dirty deed, you get creamed up for that. ooh, are you scared that other people may know about that and bitch out on you? and oh, i love your motto, "desperate times call for desperate measures". just when i thought you couldn't sink in no lower...you drowned.

im tired of all of your lies and bullshit as a pathetic exuse to come out clean. feigning innocence is just so wrong because when i look at you, you reek of guilt. just an advice: next time, dish out crap about youself and not about other people because your envy is so imminent. ang masasabi ko na lang, hmpf, chaka ka!


jc.guiyab said...

hmmmmmmm ang heart mo. di pa out ang results. relax ka lang. use what we've studied in psyche.

accept and respect regardless of the inappropriate behavior.

gamitan ng psyche para pabor sa'yo ang mga circumstances... you know what i mean.. hehehehe

nice blog huh.
thanks for dropping at mine. :)

good luck and God bless.


taga santa rosa din ako dito sa tagapo


kc said...

thanks for dropping by jc! =)

haha. pero para sa akin, yung kay kubler-ross yung pinagdadaanan ko. *lol* 5 stages to acceptance. di nga lang death..kunsabagay para ka rin naman pinatay kung tinraydor ka ng matalik mong kaibigan..

nakita ko nga. huwaw! akalain mo yun, parehas tayong taga-santa rosa..

jc.guiyab said...


well, you got a point.

when you're ready na confront her na lang privately...


dr tes said...

bury the hatchet in her back! ayayayay!

kc said...

@ jc: i already did. and i was soooo frickin' therapeutic pa nga. i didn't start it with an accusation. well, she still lied to me. i dunno kung paano na magrereact..

@ dr tes: you might have given me the way on how to react to it...*lol*