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Tuesday, 17 July 2007

random thoughts

i'm up to working on my requirements for application as a trainee nurse in pgh. as i was typing my cv and resume, i noticed that the seminars i attended are all related to research. i need some skill-enhancing seminars. i'm looking for IV therapy seminars but it's not yet scheduled by the pna. so i'm up to attend the OR nursing seminar on the 26th, since perioperative nursing is my favorite and it was my area of specialization during my last year.

i never knew that the real world is really different from my student nurse world. akala ko license lang ang pinagkaiba pero hindi pala, malaki talaga ang pagkakaiba. since then, my attitude has changed because my priorities right now are related to self-improvement and self-motivation. kulang ako niyan dati nung estudyante pa lang ako. i'm happy because as early as now, i have realized that fact.

lesson: there's always a room for change. always allow change for the better.


i just came in from my dermatologist. she said that the zit parade on my left cheek seems to be hormonal since it appears before and after the monthly visit. if it happens after my medications, she's gonna refer me to an ob-gyn or an endocrinologist. syet, abnormal ba ako? *lol* kidding.

akalain mo yun, even if it was like that, i'm seeing it again as another med school motivator. i found it astig that dra. ruffy was analyzing the data then the next thing i know, she's whipping up her prescription pad to write my meds. ang astig nun. grabe, i just love that kind of brain work. nakakachallenge.

thanks to the motivation of some of my friends and dra tes, i finally had the courage to fill up the ust faculty of medicine and surgery application form. now that's a start.


i hate it when people underestimate or undermine mongrels, more popularly known as askal or asong kalye. i absolutely get annoyed when people compare the mongrels to those dog breeds then end up saying, "walang kwenta naman ang aso namin, askal kasi eh". ang masasabi ko lang sa mga ganyan ay, "ulol ka!"

bakit, kesyo ba hindi sila gahigante tulad ng great dane at di sila sosyalin, wala na silang karapatan sa atensyon at pagmamahal natin? kaya kapag nanonood ako ng mga documentaries tungkol sa animal abuse, hindi ako nanonood. magiging drama lang yan kasi naiiyak talaga ako kapag nakikita kong sinasaktan yung mga hayop. di bale kung peste ang pinapatay...

our dogs have all been mongrels. even if they do not exude class, we have given them the utmost care and in return, those dogs have shown us a great amount of loyalty. i remember my mom's story that she was awakened by our dog's incessant barking because there was a thief inside our backyard. my dad was abroad that time and my sisters and i were still little. nothing bad happened because my mom fired a warning shot in order to scare away the thief...that's all because of our trusty ol' dog...that happened to be a mongrel.

mongrels are dear to me. that's why when our pets died, syet, i have to cry. even if people around me laugh at my tear-streaked face while digging a hole to bury our dog, i don't fucking care. the dead dog deserves my attention and tears rather than them. pasalamat na lang sila dahil di sila ang nililibing ko. *lol*

..di kapani-paniwalang, di ako makatulog nung namatay si ginger last year. i heart her so much. <3

if the time comes that i can afford dogs with a kickass breed, i will never trade mongrels for them and i am not ashamed to tell people that my dog is an askal. because for me, mongrels are more kickass than any dog breed in the whole wide world.


i always have a thing for science. napa-wow talaga ako sa student ng marikina science high na nanalo ng 2nd place sa isang science fair (or something). he discovered that the oil from the janitor fish can be made into biofuel. punyeta, kickass talaga! parang gusto kong mag-aral ulit pero ang course ko naman biochemistry. hala!

if our curriculum in high school was science enriched, siguro ang saya-saya ko kasi magpapaka-intrimitida na naman ako at makikialam ng gamit sa lab. mahilig kasi ako mag-experiment. kaso wala eh, more on business ang focus namin kaya lahat na lang ata para sa akin business opportunity. *lol*

so when i had my microbiology and parasitology course in my second year in college, i’m so active with all the experiments..lalo na sa propagation ng bacterial colonies and gram staining. as in bibo kid talaga. i’m loving it.

those who have a love for science has been always labeled nerds and dorks. of course, i can’t do anything about this social stigma. but then again, i’m proud to say that i am a NERD and i am a DORK.

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