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Wednesday, 25 July 2007

snow, glass, apples

i was reading this story entitled, “snow, glass, apples” by neil gaiman. it is actually based on the story of snow white and the seven dwarfs but done in a whole new light. the story was written according to the point of view of the queen. in the story, she wasn’t so evil after all. it was the prince and snow white who are eventually evil to the core.

i can't believe it. the prince charming IS a pervert. *lol* neil gaiman kicks ass.

my friend jewel gave me this link. read the story here. which reminds me, do you know if the book 'politically correct bedtime stories' is still being sold? i can't find any copy in the bookstores i frequently go to.

books/e-books or any reading material are my refuge as of now. well, aside from tv and net surfing of course.


SEO Services said...

Sometimes, fairy tales aren't so fairy after all, they, at some point being altered I guess for the mere enjoyment of kids and adults alike, I have read a Cinderella, but the story is told in a different way, differently of what's been told in the Disney flick, the Cinderella I have read is more morbid and gruesome. Like a raven came and poke the eyes of Cinderella's step Mom and here sisters, another is, the step mom ask one of the evil sisters to cut the big thumb on her feet just to fit the glass slippers

kc said...

@ SEO Services: cool. do you have a link to that story? i love to read something new.

thanks for dropping by my blog anyway.