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Wednesday, 18 July 2007

what's in a name?

i can't help posting this here…i was so perplexed with what our surname means. so i had my surname translated. our surname, cervales is a spanish term for deer. ah ok. i thought our surname was just a knockoff of the surname cervantes.

ah kaya pala natutuwa ako sa logo ng abercrombie and fitch...joke!

fyi, the surname cervales is prevalent in roxas city, capiz. o, tumigil kayo diyan, wala kaming lahing aswang. my dad said that if ever we encounter anyone with this surname, it means that we might be somewhat related because there are quite a few of us, actually.

oh well, that’s something new learned for today…i have to go because i have to watch national geographic specials… =)

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