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Thursday, 30 August 2007

Creepy Semi-stalker People on Friendster

Anyway, moving on...

I now regularly check my Friendster account so as to post thank-you comments to those who gave me "congratulatory" comments for my recent achievement. I am overwhelmed by the great amount; and with that another thank you. I also had friend requests from my elementary classmates that I haven't heard from for a long time.

Not to mention, some friend requests are from those I do not know. Honestly, I don't add people I don't know but I don't reject them. It's up to them to reject themselves *lol*. But if like, we're somewhat acquainted, that's the only time I add them.

One person scared the shit out of me. The guy is from Sta. Rosa, Laguna and he sent me a message that he knows me and asked for my home phone number. I just said that I'm sorry but I don't know him so I can't give him our home number. After a few days, he had this friend request which of course, I didn't accept. Then he kept on flooding me messages that we went to school together and other what's wrong with me bullshit. In my imbyerna mode I asked him which school and he said, Canossa. Ngek! I never attended Canossa, no! When I told him that I never studied in Canossa, he kept on insisting that I studied there. I got so pissed off so I rejected his request and blocked that guy from ever accessing my profile again.

churi, restricted po ito

If it weren't a way to keep in touch with my friends, I would've cancelled my Friendster account. Call me a social retard but I just don't want meeting people in that way. Buti when you blog, there is real interaction between the author and the readers. Ang saya kaya ng intellectual and funny conversations...

Hooray for blogging!

Wednesday, 29 August 2007


Start:     Oct 2, '07 08:00a
End:     Oct 2, '07 12:00p
Location:     Araneta Coliseum, Cubao

Whee! This is the time that I'd super officially be a registered nurse. Those with surnames from A-K is scheduled at this time.

But I'm not that excited. Haha!

Goodbye, Hagger!

One of the kittens died. The white one in the photo above. We named it Hagger after Grawp's pronunciation of Hagrid. Ang taba at anlaki niya kasi nung pinanganak siya kaya naisip kong gawing Hagrid. Huhu! Ang sad talaga. It has been sick for more than two weeks already. Ako pa ang nakakitang patay na siya. Huhu!

May sakit din si Gumby...pero di ganong ka-pangit katulad ng sakit ni Hagger. Simula nung bumagyo kasi nagkasakit na sila. Nagresearch pa ako sa internet kung anong dapat gawin. Lahat sabi "REFER TO THE VET". Leche. Hindi kasi uso dito ang beterinaryo. Kung meron, swear gagastusan ko talaga yung dalawang kuting.

Sad talaga. Mag-isa na lang si Gumby. =(

Pain and Suffering

I have to admit that my hyperactivity has gone down by a notch. It's because that I know who are those who didn't make it. I am really sad to find out that two of them are my close friends. One of them has been my study/prayer buddy and from the time I was with her, she has 2x more effort than I have.

And what hurts me the most is that some people kept on saying that "she" is the jinx to the passing rate of those who took the in-house review. I mean, what the fuck?! Nasaktan ako para sa kaibigan ko kahit na hindi ako ang sinabihan. Alam kong masama rin akong mag-isip pero kahit kailan hindi sumagi sa isip ko na jinx sila.

And why should there be a comparison between this certain review center's 100% passing rate for Paulinians and the 99% passing of those who took the in-house review? Ngek. Just so they know..I don't give a flying fuck about that shitty "passing rate". All I care about is the St. Paul Manila passing rate. I left the in-house review as a better person and it seems to me that they also learned how to ruin relationships so they left that whoremongering place 12x as annoying as they were.

Pasamaan lang palang mag-isip eh. Sus, game ako diyan. Isipin nila: ISANG BUWAN lang kami nag-formal review. Samahan mo pa ng hindi ko pagbabasa ng new edition ng CHN book at hindi pagmememorize ng kahit anong Republic Act. Pero nagawa namin ng mga kasama ko ang pumasa. Eh sila DALAWANG BUWAN nag-review na wala pang chill-out mode in between ang ginawa para lang pumasa?! Eeeeewww! (Syet, sorry kung ang yabang ko) Kung kaya nilang garapalin ang ibang tao, dapat maranasan din nila kung ano ang pakiramdam ng ginagarapal...

Why do they have to do that? By that, it's as good as saying that the three people who didn't make it are also jinxes.

By the sound of what they are saying, it draws me to think that they have a twisted thinking. Say, more like retarded thinking. And probably, if there was even a board exam for attitude, they would be the most likely to fail because they keep on kicking others who are already down and wounded.

If ever those three people would read this entry, I'd say that they should get up from this fall and try again. I'm here to pray for them =)

Sunday, 26 August 2007

forgive me for this word...


I passed the board exams. Whee! I didn't have to marry a Chinese guy to add those two elusive letters after my surname. It isn't Sy, Ty, Co, or even Dy. It's RN baby. I'm so fricking happy.

And my batch garnered 97% passing rate at the June 2007 Board Exams. AND St. Paul University Manila is on 3rd place of the top performing schools with 100 examinees or more to boot.

Congratulations to all board passers.

...somebody please give me a dose of lithium.
this board passing thingy is making me go manic. *lol*. kidding

Friday, 24 August 2007

Les Dames Compatissantes de Jesus

So the title of this post is our batch name. It is French for "The Compassionate Handmaids of the Lord". Ok, so the June 2007 licensure exam results are just around the corner and I'm still hoping that our batch will have a 100% passing rate. Here's our batch song, which I found on my friend's Imeem page.

edit: Leche, the Imeem played wouldn't show up. Just click the link above if you want to listen to the song. Anyway, here are the lyrics.

CARPE DIEM (Seize the Day)
by: Carissa De Luzuriaga

We all started as strangers
Got to know each other better
Now were almost out there
What to do? How to get there?

I know the love that we share
Will serve each other strength
Whatever the distance, whatever the length
One thing weve got is care

Dreams I know are not that far
Weve struggled hard to reach that star
Whatever happens or comes our way
Dont worry just seize the day

Friends forever that we are
We all may not be together
But one thing for sure
Well all be as one

(Repeat CHORUS)

Ohhh Ill never forget the times weve shared
The good times and bad
The laughter and tears that we have shed
It really wasnt all that bad (Repeat 2x)

Repeat CHORUS (except last line)

Dont worry just seize
Dont worry just seize
Dont worry just seize the day

Gawd! I'm not into the moderate anxiety mode yet, but listening to severely anxious people kills me...especially when there was this crapola sent through text messaging about the national passing rate being 36% (daw). Ngek! I've been reading updates about the exams online so I'm pretty skeptical about those "please pass" crap.

Whatevs, I'm just psychobabbling. Good luck to all of the examinees. Go for 100% Les Dames (a.k.a. Notorious 92 *lol*)!

Thursday, 23 August 2007

johalia jackson

As a child of the late 80's, I had a glimpse of what the 80's was. Big hair, tights, new wave, weird dancing. That's some part of the 80's I saw. So I decided to make myself an 80's dancing chorva alter ego from the Music and Lyrics movie site. I named my alter ego, Johalia Jackson (well, the Jacksons were really big on the 80's). Here's Johalia:

YEAHBOI...work it!

Ngek! Kahit ako di ko masasayaw yan. Baka makalas pa ako! *lol*

Make your own 80's dancing alter ego here.

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

confessions of a plain-jane

I got sick of people thinking of me as super sosyal. Ngek! I’m not super sosyal. I admit that I have a little kasosyalan but I’m more of the barubal side. It’s like I’m 85% barubal and 15% sosyal. It’s because I believe that a little luxury is a positive reinforcement for saving up. Here’s the reason behind the barubal-sosyal percentage that I think is so blog worthy so that you guys would know.

When I was a kid, money was never a problem. My dad is a nautical engineer and a chief mate to boot and my mom’s a subcontractor for a lingerie company that makes stuff for JC Penney. You can say that they rake in so much money. Even if it was so, our parents taught us to be simple and humble. During this high point, my little brother was born. Daddy stopped going abroad to start a business using his earnings and Mommy’s business flourished anyway.

But neither of us knew that it would be the start of the hard times.

Daddy’s clients issued bouncing checks, which hasn’t been paid to this very day. Not only that, the company that mom’s working with, closed down when its workers went on a strike. My parents did every damage control measure that they know, but to no avail. We really hit rock bottom and that, we have to live with. There was even a time that we can’t even afford to buy a sachet of shampoo and I went to school having bad hair because I used bath soap on my hair.

Starting anew is really difficult. We have to make drastic economies to stretch our budget. Daddy had to go back abroad but it wasn’t easy. He’s already old (but not “OLD” old) and hasn’t worked as a seafarer for 10 years so companies thought twice about hiring him. Mommy kept on looking for other companies to work with. As for us, it was up to ourselves to do the household chores. We learned how to cook, clean the house, do the laundry, and other stuff we weren’t used to do.

But even if life is like that, our parents managed to send us to good schools. Knowing our parents’ sacrifices, we never dared to screw up. We also learned to work hard to get something that we want. It was at this time that I proved that we’re still “one big happy family” despite the financial hardships.

We’re ok now even if we’re still paying off some of the IOU’s from the past. It’s kind of hurtful though, because some people you considered as a friend, judge you with what you have and use it against you. It occurred to me that it was our “more blessed” family friends who stuck with us.

I don’t feel humiliated when I tell people that we hit rock bottom. It’s part of who I am. I consider that experience to be a knife that struck my heart but also the very same knife that shaped me to become a better person.

…and a very frugal one at that. =)

Monday, 20 August 2007

8 KC Facts and 8 Victims

I got tagged by Jewel.

8 things that your readers don't know about you.
* Each blogger must post these rules first.
* Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
* Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
* At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
* Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they're tagged, and to read your blog.

1. I so love shoes. People usually see me in flip flops but hey, it's just because it may be too hot to wear shoes. Majority of the shoes I own are sneakers in different styles (malamang!). I am planning to buy some high heeled ones because I have nothing to wear in formal gatherings...and in times that I am so malandi  *lol*.

2. My face peels like hell now. Because of the cream that my dermatologist prescribed, my face looks like it's been doused with dried glue. Gawd, I hate this allergic reaction/hormonal imbalance bullshit.

3.  When I get pissed off and I don't want to answer back a bitchy remark, I raise my left eyebrow then roll my eyes. It means a lot of things like, "I have no time for you, pathetic loser", "I don't care", "I'm too pretty to answer back your stupid remark" and many more. The meaning depends on how pissed off I am.

4. One of my new motto for "a peaceful and happy living" is: I live for my own satisfaction, not yours. That means, I do things to feed my id and not to compete with anyone else. So don't go babbling about how better your illegit pseudo-beau is than Mark because three words, which are "I DON'T CARE" are all I'd say. (uy, sticky chismis!)

5. Right now, I actually miss going to school. Considering my ancient psychobabbling about "School sucks my social life away from me", that might be hard to believe. Maybe i'm just bored (and penniless *lol*) that's why I'm saying that.

6. Like Jewel,  I can survive being a loner whenever it is necessary. It is important for me that I need some quiet time alone and have some introspection or whatever. I bite people's heads off when they distract me or intrude into my own private world.

7. I'm spooked by big, fat and hairy spiders. Thank God, I don't live in Australia where almost all spiders fit the description of SCARY. I run off and yell whenever a big hairy spider crawls within my field of vision. At some points, I don't yell and scream for help. I just try to run away. Scaredy cat!

8. I love to watch National Geographic Channel. I'm loving it. I first learned about rare diseases like porphyria on NatGeo Specials. It makes me feel so smart whenever I learn new things from them.

Now, I get to tag 8 people! I'm going to take victims from those who view my music page *lol*
> 2nd person from today who viewed my grey's anatomy playlist
> 4th person from today who viewed my she's the man playlist
> 5th person from yesterday who viewed my broadway musicals playlist
> 1st person from today who viewed my TV show themes playlist
> 3rd person from today who viewed my rihanna playlist
> 10th person from 2 days ago who viewed my grey's anatomy playlist
> 8th person from a week ago who viewed my she's the man playlist
> 1st person from 5 days ago who viewed my emo-senti song playlist
toxic but i figured that out already. haha!

Saturday, 18 August 2007

post overkill

for the record, i have a lot to blog about but it all kept on slipping from my mind. my trip to manila made my mind overflow with blog topics. but i wasn't able to type it immediately so those ideas dissolved quickly as fast as it popped into my head. anyway, i'm going to type something about what i remember and about some of the photos i took.

1. for ruff, i found my old stock of sterile gloves. i still have a pair of triflex gloves. since you asked me about it, i took a photo of it so that you can see. this one from my stash was given to me...i didn't get it in the way that we talked about. *lol*

2. i love nestle's twin pops in both flavors (orange and chocolate). it's one of my ultimate childhood favorites. ok, it used to be twin popsies but i love it just the same. it's bigger and still inexpensive. in our local variety store, it only costs only 10 pesos. i'm glad they didn't take it out of the market.

3. we have thought of a name for evil kitty's kittens. the black kitten is named "gumby" because i thought it has umbilical hernia because it's umbilical stump is protruded. i shortened it to umby. but it sounds like umbridge, the little twit from harry potter and the order of the phoenix. i added a "g", thus the name. the white kitten is "hagger", which is what grawp calls hagrid in harry potter. the kitten is fat and big that's why it deserves the name.

4. pakialamera mode: with the long hour i've spent in the road due to heavy traffic in the south luzon expressway, i thought: the government should try to improve the philippine railway system. my mom said that from the pasay road station up to sta. rosa, laguna costs about 30 pesos. with that, i think riding the train is a very cost effective way to travel quickly and safely. and just think, there would be less instances of heavy traffic...and less instances of ozone layer depletion due to fossil fuel burning.

centennial celebration

i was away because i joined in the fun of the philippine general hospital centennial celebration. ok, crashing is more like it. but what the heck? my sister, ate richie (who's an employee there) invited us to come along with her. so seriously speaking, my sisters were there as a guest. and i'm a pseudo-employee because i'm wearing something red. it was required that all employees should wear red. ngek! i didn't even know that.

i was hoping that the ortho band would play (uy, hidden agenda! *lol*) but they didn't. a lot of other bands played before bamboo, the night's main performer. there were also raffles for employees and non-employees. i was even kidding that my sister should borrow my jacket when she would run to the stage if ever she'd win something. haha, she wasn't wearing something red, which was a de rigeur for all pgh employees, as i have mentioned.

if pgh would have a st. paul manila kind of governance for insubordination, their sanction would be a make up duty. haha! right cory?

anyway, typhoon egay is still on the loose so it rained during the middle of the program. gaaah! we sought shelter near the chapel and took photos just to pass the time. i was hoping that bamboo wouldn't perform on the atrium (near the pedia ward) because it's so crowded. i got my hopes up too high. it didn't stop raining and the performance would really be at the atrium. nge! but we stayed around because we want to watch bamboo perform. my sisters and i were kidding that since the concert is free, the "bamboo" that we have been waiting for may be a potted bamboo plant or a band named "bamboo-zzle". my sister loves to make fun of the big A.

people were piling up already even if the performance haven't started yet. they don't care if it is raining hard. my sister was fascinated because even patients with IV lines dragged the stand so that they can watch. we also even saw a relative pushing a child in a wheelchair on her other hand while her right hand presses the ambu bag. i admire these people because they are the personified saying, "if there's a will, there's a way".

to not bore you further, i took some random photos:

one reason why we don't want to stay at the atrium

just so you know, this guy with the shiny head is bamboo. we're watching from afar in the atrium. grr! but watching bamboo live (and free, haha!) was well worth it. =)

here's my personal favorite...an artwork to be installed along the corridors of the medicine ward.

this is just a portion of that artwork. it's actually huge but this painting of a woman caught my attention because she has mean and lean abs...parang pan de sal *lol*. but seriously, the artwork itself has very van gogh vibe, that's why i like it. don't you think so?

*sigh* this place is a big part of my college life so i can't turn my back into it. i never had any semester passing me by without having my rotation at this hospital. i learned a lot of nursing skills in this institution, especially the perioperative nursing that i like so much. =)

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

celebrity duets

through coercion, i promised my friend mimi that i'd watch celebrity duets last saturday. but i was out with my friends so i haven't watched it. she was bugging me to watch it so that i can see why her childhood crush, hayden kho jr. makes her swoon. and she keeps on flooding my friendster comment page with his photo. she gave me the embed code of his performance and here it is:

sus! ayan. i think he's über hot na because of his singing voice. i thought he's just a pretty boy. haha!

seriously, he's a looker in person. napatingin talaga ako nung nakita ko siya sa ust nung estudyante pa lang siya. (disclaimer: hindi po ako stalker. i just went there to bring my sister her keys to her cabinet that she left at home). check out my post, cosmo bachelor, what?! to get a lowdown on that incident.

...and he looks like marcus raphael (thus the mild crush). sayang i can't put a "separated at birth" photo because mark would run a makahiya act because he's really shy.

ngek. i'm acting like a lovelorn schoolgirl. *lol*

to simplify this post: my fingers are itching to type something and the first thought that came to my mind is this... =)

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

cool chicks

i got this from adam. i was really touched that he considered me as a cool chick. so with that, i’m going to have my own cool chick list who deserves this kickass badge...yay!

  • chuvaness- ok, she’s cecile zamora-van straten. i check out her blog almost everyday because it always leaves me entertained and laughing because of her scoops on kris-regreta-roopa.
  • dra. tes- she’s one of the first people i met through in the blogosphere. she’s so generous in sharing some info and tips regarding eye care…and she urges me to go for my medical school attempts.
  • nice- like niknok, i just met nice recently. she’s cool because it seems to me that she is a person who really values friendship…lalo na with alfred vargas. JOKE!
  • rai- her website is soooo cool. i like her header image.
  • gdwn- the blog title says it all: simpleng balahuraan. i love her okrayable friendster profiles. it never fails to make me laugh.
  • niknok- although i only found out about her blog just yesterday, when she dropped by mine, i consider her a cool chick. i love her spunk and sharp wit.
  • alia- my co-emo friend. yeahboi! i like the depth of insight of her entries. it can show you another perspective in an issue. and she loves anime, and asian films and series.
  • cory- she never forgets how fun it is to be Filipino even if she’s now a california baby. she is my little miss sunshine because my jokes are so hilarious to her even if it’s soooo corny. laugh trip all the time!
  • cors- the queen of mean. she’s cool because we’re both royalty. ngek! nope, she’s cool because she’s so productive after graduation. unlike me, who’s a total bum. (ui, inggitera!)
  • richie- although she updates her blog once in a blue moon, it never fails to make me laugh at how she rants and raves about her winning and not-so winning (READ: shitty) experiences in the hospital. she also blogs about stuff not related to work. and she’s my sister…=)
…my choices for cool dudes will follow.

Monday, 13 August 2007

clean slates

i know that there has been too much negative energy on my blog for quite sometime now. after having an anything goes chat with my friend jewel last saturday while waiting for the others to come, i also found out that there has been too much of that in her multiply site too.

so we vowed to ditch the negative energy already...well unless, hounding it again is totally necessary.

i finally dropped a line to some of the “blood traitors” that i am usually writing about. i know that they did hurt me a lot but i’ll just let time heal the wounds they caused me. and besides, i believe in karma. what you give is what you get in return. thank god we all are on our separate ways so it’s easier to move on.

here’s something that made me laugh and in a way, made me think deeper about finally breaking the barrier:

Nasty rumors with sexual undertones are made by perverts.
Those girls made nasty rumors with sexual undertones against you.
Ergo, those girls are perverts

She has an ill-gotten beau who called her as his life.
But he believes that life is a bitch.
Ergo, she is a bitch

- über intelligent brother and sister tandem, steve and mimi dizon

hindi ko kinaya pero yeahboii, it made me laugh! they used logical premises to give me some sensible advice. and i must say, it worked. they also told me that they are not worth my energy. oo nga naman.

i remembered my logic class tuloy.

little girls do dream big

when i was a kid, i really wanted to be a nurse.

o siyempre, walang maniniwala sa akin na gusto ko talagang maging nurse. it might be hard to believe, but i really do want to be a nurse ever since i was a kid.

here's the proof. with matching photo pa! i found it while i was cleaning our old study table…

wala nang aangal. ako yan! o di ba wrong spelling pa ang sagittarius? haha!

i just realized that i'm one step away from my dream. it's only the license and i would fully be what i wanted myself to be many years ago.

with that, i'm happy. =)

Thursday, 9 August 2007

peer pressure? not!

my friend mimi gave me a nickname and she has been has been calling me "laguna bitch". it's written all over my friendster account. knowing what the meaning of bitch is, i'm supposed to throw a hissy fit from the time that she called me laguna bitch. but i didn't. she explained to me that she has another meaning of bitch, which she has taken from an old forwarded e-mail.

according to that e-mail, bitch means:
B- babe
I- in
T- total
C- control of
H- herself

she told me that she gave me this nickname because noticed that i rarely succumbed to peer and social pressure. yeah, even in my age, there’s still peer pressure. i don’t know about you guys but that’s how being in an all-girl university goes (ack, we went co-ed a couple of years back). social pressure never goes away. but anyway, take these examples:

1. it’s time to choose what our field of specialization would be. the medical-surgical ward is all the rage but i’ve decided that i should really stick to my choice, which is the operating room. i was the first one to write down OR (in blue ink) on that measly piece of paper. some of my classmates taunted me that from what they’ve heard, the OR elective has the most number of paper works and has one of the most difficult final exams. they tried to avoid that and some persuaded me to change my field.

2. some of my friends didn’t attend the in-house review organized by our school, in preparation for the board exams. they reviewed in other review centers. naturally, they persuaded me to come because almost everyone “fun” is going to attend in the same review center.

3. one time, i have a friend who admitted that he really likes me but the problem is, he is already in a relationship. i like him too but only as a friend. knowing these facts, some of my friends pressed me into entering a relationship with him even if the poor girl didn’t know, because eventually, they’d break up if he truly loves me. they gave me the crap that “love is all that matters”.

4. i got sick and tired of studying at starbucks at robinson’s place manila ever since it became crowded and noisy because of other “reviewees”. my dormmates, who also happens to be my friends, get a kick out of studying there even if it’s noisy. one night, they decided to go to starbucks adriatico to study. the night before, i had coffee with the ice king so i declined. ooh, they wouldn’t take no for an answer.

how did i manage?

DEADMA lang. as in totally ignoring them. seriously, i have my own brain that can function so i don’t need anyone telling me what i should do. i take advices and words of wisdom; but letting them control my decisions? nope, won’t work.

so what happened after?

1. i chose the OR no matter what. turns out that there is only one case study, a quiz, a case presentation (in front of staff nurses and the chief nurse of PGH-OR, mind you), and a scrapbook with your photos and whatnots are required. i had a hell of a time because i enjoyed every single minute of my duty in the OR.

2. i paid the fees early so that they couldn’t say anything anymore. i went out and enjoyed myself before the in-house review started while they have been going to their classes almost 6 days a week, 12 hours a day. when the in-house review started, they had a lot of topics covered but they are still so toxic. unlike us who only had a month of review, we got to chill out pa at club manila east.

3. when i heard their reason, i was like, “wtf?”. and reality check: i told them that i like him AS A FRIEND, for crying out loud. that’s enough for me not to listen to them. and i think they have a twisted perspective on what ‘love” is. jeez!

4. i have to save because i'm flat broke. i hate it when people can’t take no for an answer because i have to tell a white lie so they’d leave me alone. so i just gave them a pathetic excuse that my dad would call up that night and would totally freak out if he finds out that i’m not in the dorm. they know that my dad’s overprotective so they went by themselves. problem solved! i got to study well and they just ended up chatting with some of our classmates. now, i call them the starbucks study brigade.

oo nga naman, i realized that i don't usually give in to the whims of my friends when i don't feel like it. ok. so maybe laguna bitch really fits me. =)


on the other hand, evil kitty’s kittens have grown so big. lookie here:

aww, so cute. i love them.

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

high school musical 2 premiere

Start:     Sep 9, '07 7:30p
Location:     disney channel

i must admit, i can't wait for this sequel. i can imitate dance steps again. haha!

the sayote and other discoveries

gaaak! i just learned last night that the sayote fruit's seed can go out of the fruit...all by itself when it's ready to germinate...

now i know...another thing learned from being a bum! at least being a bum has its advantages. not only that, it has made me realize that i like semi-bangaw and humongous bangaw shades (oversized shades, in other words) like this one from lulu castagnette:

btw: they have great stuff there. especially the jeans, winner! it fits me well even if i have pata thighs and an invisible butt. but i only check it out kapag end of the season sale because they remove 70% off the original price (kuripot eh!). plus, even if you're one season behind from its flagship store abroad, you're one season advanced when it comes to the philippine fashion scene.

so that's just one of the things i've learned as a bum. don't mind it if you received a snide comment that you're too dressy or something. you're just being commended in another way because you're sassy. and besides, it's your turn to laugh when you move to the next BIG thing and they're just starting to buy the items that they think is too kooky way before it's considered chica.

..that i should've known when i was going out a lot frequently than now. *sigh*

Monday, 6 August 2007

what's reeling on my mind?

so the results of the board exams is just around the corner and once again, anxiety is back to haunt me. add that to the anxiety that the board exam rumormomgers create, it'll turn any june 2007 board taker into an anxious flow of nervous sweat.

if i can just delve into the mind of the members of the board of nursing! of course, that's through mental telepathy...and something not radical as this:

sus, i won't resort to craniotomy so that I’d know the BON’s thoughts...

so there.

good luck to all the june 2007 nursing board examinees! =)


naantig naman ako sa blog entry ni cory so naisip ko din na isulat ang ilang bahagi ng aking pinag-uusapan at naiisyung buhay pag-ibig…

maraming nagagahan sa akin nung nalaman nila na wala pang developments sa aming dalawa ni “ice king”. ahem! keber nila. di naman nila alam ang mga dahilan ko no! for starters, ako ay miyembro ng NBSB (no boyfriend since birth) at ang mga tipo kong boylet ay matalino, ayos ang sense of humor, mabait, malawak ang pag-unawa, matangkad, matangos ang ilong, (o sige na nga) at gwapo. malaking himala na lang kung may haharot sa akin na isang bagitong brusko na ganito ang description.

then it happened.

nakilala ko si ice king. ibubulgar ko na nga yung pangalan niya…siya si marcus raphael (gusto ko sanang lagyan ng picture nya kaso shy type yun). sa tingin ko, siya na nga yata ang hinihintay ko na makasama sa aking nagyeyelong kaharian. kaso, naisip ko, baka kaya ko lang nasasabi yan ay dahil sa siya yung talagang trip kong maging jowais. isipin nyo yun, lahat ng gusto ko nasa kanya na. may add-ons pa: champion swimmer, nakakapagpadugo ng ilong ang english, at hanep sa simplification ng medical lectures.

nauntog lang ako at naisip ko na hindi lang naman yung mga gusto ko sa isang guy ang basis na magiging mabuting jowais siya. kailangan ko muna siyang kilalaning mabuti kaya di kailangang magtaka kung bakit wala pang nangyayaring muy romantico sa aming dalawa. sus! di ko naman ikamamatay kung wala pa akong boyfriend.

at ang nakaka-jirita jackson lang ay masyadong big deal sa aking ilang ka-eskwela na ang ka-date ko ay doctor. sus! kung ano-ano ang mga naririnig kong mga kwento, mapanira man o mapa-wala lang. dahil neophyte lang ako sa ganitong sitwasyon, medyo nawindang ako pero nabawi ko na naman ang aking tamang pag-iisip.

i’m in a very “crucial” period. so para sa mga kating-kating malaman na kaming-kami na, utang na loob, hindi ako nagmamadali kaya wag akong madaliin. para silang KC na tumira ng 4 na mug ng kape…kaya bahala na silang magkaron ng dysrhythmia. harhar!

…at magkakape muna ako.

Friday, 3 August 2007

it's getting hot in here!!!

i was in manila today...gawd, i miss that place. anyway, i was wondering why it was still so hot when it's supposed to be raining like hell.

then i remember what i watched the in the news just yesterday. hail and tornadoes affected some of the residents of northern luzon. and according to PAGASA, it's caused by the abrupt increase of heat in our atmosphere. greenpeace then reasoned out that it's caused by global warming.

this issue isn't even worth laughing at. you see, one of the effects when there's global warming, the bodies of water dry up. these bodies of water include the dams. malas na rin natin dahil hindi umuulan so hindi napapalitan yung tubig na nawawala sa mga dam. it's all over the news that the major dams that supply electricity has very low water levels that they consider as critical levels. so that means there is possible energy shortage. try to observe the fluorescent light in your home. it doesn't shine as much as it's supposed to even if it is newly installed. i asked a friend who knows about these stuff and he said, "bumaba na yung boltahe ng kuryente".

let's not rejoice about the rain that we experience. according to PAGASA, the rain that we experience is a result of cloud seeding. so pakana lang nila yan para umulan. naalala ko rin yung tinuro dati ni sir bereber nung chemistry class namin nung high school na yung ulan, brought about cloud seeding only lasts for 30 minutes or less. kaya sandali lang yung pag-ulan ngayon na di katulad dati kapag umulan, makakapagluto ka muna ng sopas bago tumila to.

ayoko nang maulit yung series of blackouts nung early 90's. kaya sana let's do our part in saving the environment. gasgas man ang linyang ito, pero totoo ang sinasabi ko. and if ever there are comments, i think it'd probably help if you'll suggest ways on how to cut off on waste. at kailangan nakasulat yan sa 1/4 sheet of paper. no erasures *joke*. siyempre ayoko naman na tumira kay planetang earth na tinalo pa ang hurno o di kaya ang pugon ng pan de manila. utang na loob. marumi at madilim na nga, mainit pa…

chuss, matinding baskil* ang mangyayari sa atin…

*baskil- short for basang kili-kili

Thursday, 2 August 2007

i was tagged!

i was tagged by nelo…buti na lang at hindi niya sinabing kailangan kong magawa ito sa loob ng 10 minuto dahil kung hindi ay tutubuan ako ng pwet sa pisngi. di ko sasagutan yun pag ganon. harhar...

· 3 names you go by
kc, celine, kristine

· 3 screen names you've had
1. donya facunda (alter ego ko nung in-house review)
2. ice queen (online alter ego ko..nuknukan daw ako ng sungit kaya bagay sa akin ito)
3. selinyador (tawag sa akin ng mga male classmates ko nung high school, based sa malupit na joke na pinauso ko dati)

· 3 physical things you like about yourself
nose, eyes (lalo na sa pictures *lol*), tsaka kuko (ngek)

· 3 physical things you don't like about yourself
my pata thighs, macho arms at buhok ko kapag nainitan (nagiging dry kasi, tumitigas)

· 3 parts of your heritage
ilonggo, tagalog, spanish

· 3 things that scare you
gagamba, malalaking palaka at ahas

· 3 of your favorite bands
none in particular, actually

· 3 of your favorite songs
now? collide, you’re in love, give me a reason

· 3 things you want in a relationship
trust, humor, and lurve

· 2 truths and a lie in no particular order
gusto kong pumunta sa new york city, bibili ako ng bagong pantalon, pangarap kong maging masamang damo at maging kabit ng lalaking may magarang kotse

· 3 things about the preferred sex that appeals to you
ayon sa aking pagkakaintindi, ang gusto ko sa guy ay parang si ice king: matalino, understanding at sobrang corny (pero nakakatawa…labo!)

· 3 of your favorite hobbies
reading, net surfing, watching tv

· 3 things you really want to do badly right now
take the nmat, work as a trainee nurse (matagal pa ang selection...hmpf!), and eradicate traitors for world peace *lol*

· 3 careers you've considered/you're considering
nurse (malamang!), doctor (anesthesiologist/surgeon/toxicologist), scientist (nerd ako eh!)

· 3 places you want to go on vacation
HK, thailand, spain (as if!)

· 3 kids' names you like
stephen, christianne (danish ng pangalan ko), jirita *joke*

· 3 things you want to do before you die
1. makapunta sa kahit isang bansa per continent
2. gumawa ng last will and testament at makapag-ipon ng pera para may pampalibing sa akin
3. makaganti sa mga gagang traydor…o di kaya makita silang nagdurusa na nakaluhod sa harap ko -cherie gil, inagaw mo ang lahat sa akin *charing*

· 3 ways that you are stereotypically a guy
walang kiyeme, nanonood ng wrestling dahil idol ko si batista at rey mysterio, nanununtok sa braso (di uso sa akin ang sampal…harhar)

· 3 ways that you are stereotypically a girl
mahilig mag-ayos ng buhok, di mabubuhay ng walang concealer o liquid foundation, maarte sa pamimili ng damit

· 3 celebrity crushes
adam brody, patrick dempsey, eric dane

· 3 persons that you're tagging
balak kong mambiktima ng mga blog authors na di ko pa nabibisita ang mga blog nila...

o, wag masyadong seryosohin ang iba kong sagot…mukha lang seryoso pero joke talaga yun. *lol*

my dagupan getaway

ok. so i may be a partial social retard and a part-time bum, but i know how to chill and have fun. so to give you the lowdown on what i have been up to, i went to dagupan with ate richie and stayed over at our friend, odette's place.

that's odette on the left, ate richie on the center, and me on the right side. all green kami at di namin pinag-usapan yan. fans lang kami ni migz zubiri *lol*. odette’s brother, poix (i’m not sure about the spelling) volunteered to drive us around since it was not a busy day. anyway, we first visited ednas school and mother goose school, which i heard a lot about from my friend, maireen, who also hails from dagupan. then after that, we went to lingayen and we went to see the fighter planes and army tanks used during the world war 2. being the shutter freaks that we are, my sister and i took a lot of photos of the park and of ourselves with odette and poix. and holy macro, it rained! so we sought shelter at the shrine and there we saw more mementos of the lingayen that was. imagine, i am now in a place that my textbooks in elementary and high school used to describe. harhar. now that's something. anyway, this was one of the mementos that caught our attention. when i saw that my sister took a photo of it, i was thrilled. methinks this is a groovy shot:

cool. the makings of a hippie for the 60’s =)

anyway, we also visited the lingayen gulf and the provincial capitol of pangasinan (as seen on both sides). don't you just love the architecture and the happy color? kaloka naman dahil yung kapitolyo ng laguna, di ko pa napupuntahan! the place is closed but the guard kindly allowed us to come in and take photos since they know that we're visitors. pa-turista effect pa kami ng kapatid ko sa loob ng kapitolyo kasi todo kuha kami ng pictures. di bale na kung mukhang engot. the place is perfect for an emo shot *lol*. kidding. and in fairness, the area is sooo clean and well maintained.

after that we went to the stadium whose name i forgot. basta dun ginanap yung palarong pambansa this year. that's poix on the farthest side. cool dude, that guy. anyway, there's a lot to see in this stadium. na-feel kong magpaka-atom araullo *wink* at magbato ng javelin at shotput. pero joke lang yon. harhar. after the photo-ops and a visit to the hanging bridge, we set off back to their home. we also stopped by at panaderia antonio to buy some plato wraps, which by the way, tastes really good. i have tried a new variant other than the ham and cheese variant i used to buy before. sayang wala pang coffee bean and tea leaf dun so we can hang out and chill. gloria jean's pa lang daw ang meron. eh ok lang naman kahit wala, para tipid din *lol*. kuripot!

we went to baguio the next day since it's only 2 hours away from dagupan. nag-commute na lang kami. we explored the depths of kennon road at mukhang magandang gumawa dun ng suspense thriller na movie, lalo na dun sa lion's head. pero syempre, joke lang ulit yun! of course, camwhorism always prevails so we have a lot of shots of the scenery of kennon road. we just visited burnham park and mines view park (for souveneir shopping) because the skies are gray...mukhang uulan. true enough, it did. lucky us, we're already eating at sm baguio before the rain poured. at syet, i had altitude sickness. grr! sumakit ang ulo ko, palibhasa di ako sanay sa ganong kataas na lugar, kahit sabihin mong madalas ako sa tagaytay. iba naman kasi ang taas ng baguio sa tagaytay. altitude sickness somewhat ruined my day...pero at least, malamig don at siguradong di ka mababaskil. harhar! pa-consuelo na lang sa akin ang lamig. palibhasa maarte ako dahil ayoko sa mainit na lugar.

souveneir shot=)

at dahil mabait kami *ahem*, hindi kami nakalimot kay god. pumunta din kami sa manaoag para magdasal at magpasalamat na kahit sandali lang, nakapaglamyerda kami...maganda pala dun sa gabi kasi ang tahimik, talagang makakapagdasal ka ng maayos. at naloka ako dahil tadtad ng dominican cross ang pinto at gate ng simbahan. nung pumunta kami sa may harap, aba, may dominican cross sa gitna ng patungan ng our lady of manaoag. pagtingala ko, oops! may dominican cross pa rin. oi, high school days! di na rin ako siguro dapat magtaka, kung si st. dominic nga, nasa left side ng our lady of manaoag. so malamang mga dominicans ang in-charge sa simbahan dati. sayang wala akong picture nung mga dominican cross sa simbahan...asa simbahan kasi kaya ayokong kunan ng picture.

di naman halatang hayok kami sa pictures at talagang nag-enjoy ako...*lol*. seriously, i'd do this again while i still have a lot of time. kapag nagkatrabaho na ako, naku, goodbye chillax life na ang drama ko kasi mahirap mag-request ng off. yun lang.