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Wednesday, 15 August 2007

celebrity duets

through coercion, i promised my friend mimi that i'd watch celebrity duets last saturday. but i was out with my friends so i haven't watched it. she was bugging me to watch it so that i can see why her childhood crush, hayden kho jr. makes her swoon. and she keeps on flooding my friendster comment page with his photo. she gave me the embed code of his performance and here it is:

sus! ayan. i think he's ├╝ber hot na because of his singing voice. i thought he's just a pretty boy. haha!

seriously, he's a looker in person. napatingin talaga ako nung nakita ko siya sa ust nung estudyante pa lang siya. (disclaimer: hindi po ako stalker. i just went there to bring my sister her keys to her cabinet that she left at home). check out my post, cosmo bachelor, what?! to get a lowdown on that incident.

...and he looks like marcus raphael (thus the mild crush). sayang i can't put a "separated at birth" photo because mark would run a makahiya act because he's really shy.

ngek. i'm acting like a lovelorn schoolgirl. *lol*

to simplify this post: my fingers are itching to type something and the first thought that came to my mind is this... =)


cory said...

too bad they don't show that here in the states... iyak na ko.

w8 do u have belo 101 there? i saw that dr hayden dun, ng co-host sya sa isang episode. that figures. pa celeb na pala to c dok.

kc said...

ewan ko ba kung meron. sus! di ako interesado sa pagpaparetoke. *lol*

oo nga eh, mainstream na si hayden. dati exclusive lang sa aming magkapatid ang kwentuhan na iyan. ngayon it's like everybody's talking about him.

rich said...

siyet i can't get enough of my baby

ayel said...

nagstart na pala tlga yan? di kac nakakapanood dito eh.. :)

kc said...

@ richie: oo nga. si dizon kasi eh..puro hayden ang banat sa akin. sus!

@ ayel: talaga? di napapanood dyan sa inyo? wala, di fair ang share ng programming sa malayong provinces at sa malapit na provinces sa NCR.

alia said...

i saw this one... and i was like O.O kumakanta pala to? hehe. anyway, i've heard of the guy before from other fangirls i know. well, i admit, who could NOT admire this tall, good-looking, maputi, singing M.D.?! diba? hehe. kahit nga yung hindi gwapo basta doctor nagiging gwapo na rin eh, sya pa kaya.

kc said...

lol! that was funny. oo nga, to others it seems that being a doctor is a surefire way of skyrocketing your hotness factor...add in a car and a kickass phone and you sure would drive the ladies crazy.

ngek. if they only knew how hard it is to be a doctor di ba?