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Saturday, 18 August 2007

centennial celebration

i was away because i joined in the fun of the philippine general hospital centennial celebration. ok, crashing is more like it. but what the heck? my sister, ate richie (who's an employee there) invited us to come along with her. so seriously speaking, my sisters were there as a guest. and i'm a pseudo-employee because i'm wearing something red. it was required that all employees should wear red. ngek! i didn't even know that.

i was hoping that the ortho band would play (uy, hidden agenda! *lol*) but they didn't. a lot of other bands played before bamboo, the night's main performer. there were also raffles for employees and non-employees. i was even kidding that my sister should borrow my jacket when she would run to the stage if ever she'd win something. haha, she wasn't wearing something red, which was a de rigeur for all pgh employees, as i have mentioned.

if pgh would have a st. paul manila kind of governance for insubordination, their sanction would be a make up duty. haha! right cory?

anyway, typhoon egay is still on the loose so it rained during the middle of the program. gaaah! we sought shelter near the chapel and took photos just to pass the time. i was hoping that bamboo wouldn't perform on the atrium (near the pedia ward) because it's so crowded. i got my hopes up too high. it didn't stop raining and the performance would really be at the atrium. nge! but we stayed around because we want to watch bamboo perform. my sisters and i were kidding that since the concert is free, the "bamboo" that we have been waiting for may be a potted bamboo plant or a band named "bamboo-zzle". my sister loves to make fun of the big A.

people were piling up already even if the performance haven't started yet. they don't care if it is raining hard. my sister was fascinated because even patients with IV lines dragged the stand so that they can watch. we also even saw a relative pushing a child in a wheelchair on her other hand while her right hand presses the ambu bag. i admire these people because they are the personified saying, "if there's a will, there's a way".

to not bore you further, i took some random photos:

one reason why we don't want to stay at the atrium

just so you know, this guy with the shiny head is bamboo. we're watching from afar in the atrium. grr! but watching bamboo live (and free, haha!) was well worth it. =)

here's my personal favorite...an artwork to be installed along the corridors of the medicine ward.

this is just a portion of that artwork. it's actually huge but this painting of a woman caught my attention because she has mean and lean abs...parang pan de sal *lol*. but seriously, the artwork itself has very van gogh vibe, that's why i like it. don't you think so?

*sigh* this place is a big part of my college life so i can't turn my back into it. i never had any semester passing me by without having my rotation at this hospital. i learned a lot of nursing skills in this institution, especially the perioperative nursing that i like so much. =)


ruff nurse-du-jour said...

oooh, happy centennial anniversary PGH! ive heard that pgh employees will receive a 10k bonus daw as a part of their celebration. is there a truth to this? hehehe, just kidding.

by the way about your last post, dr hayden works yata in my hospital, and he has a brother who is a cute, young-er doctor din, endo consultant naman siya. will try to confirm this information once work resumes. hehehe =)

kc said...

hi ruff!

actually, my sister is behind me and she's cursing a lot because the 10k centennial bonus isn't true. aaaand she's asking if you're a dean's lister sa ust because your name sounds familiar. she's from ust too, batch 2005.

haha. then i'd like to work at your hospital too. haha! sino kaya yang cute and young-er brother? hmm, that i've got to see. *lol*

Cory said...

uy dameng chikka nito ni ruff ha. lmao. n yeah i agree to that, kng nagkataon na magpapataw sila ng sanction aba! make up duty ito pwede din na hnd makasama sa pinning! haha labo.

ako super ever dream ko din na maging PGH nurse, as in super super super dream ko sya! n like u i believe every sem din i was rotated there (ano ba eh groupmates kaya tayo! haha). trauma, ortho, cenicu, nicu, pedia...i love it all! pangarap ko talaga ever since na nag nursing akong makapasok dun kasi feel na feel mo na ang gagaling ng pgh nurse! like c ms casibang! ubeeeer talino't galing! sadly hnd na matutupad, langya andito na ko sa california! pero kng makakapasok mga friends ko (u included) i'd be super super happy. ur triumph's my triumph!

happy anniv PGH! love all my experiences there at super proud ako kasi r schl's 1 of the only 3 schools na nagduduty dun. yebah! go go go tipol!

kc said...

@ cory: oo nga, walang salihan sa pinning. so st paul talaga. *lol*

oo nga ako din ortho, trauma, nicu, OR, CENICU and pedia yung rotation ko dun. haha. although we haven't been groupmates when i had my OR, ortho, and trauma rotations.

bakit kaya nakakatalino sa tingin ng ibang tao kapag sa pgh ka nagtatrabaho? naisip ko lang.

ako din goal ko rin na makapagtrabaho sa pgh. that's because i like the different cases. remember nung sa nicu, i had a patient na may hydrops fetalis? i read on that immediately when i got home. i didn't have a clue of what was it.

pwede ka pa rin magtrabaho sa PGH...pasadena general hospital. *lol* joke lang cory! :)

nelo said...

astig ang bamboo..hehe! ayos din yung atrium..ano yun may tulo? haha!

oist! ang cute mo dyan sa pic mo.

kc said...

@ nelo: oo may tagas ang kisame. haha! kaya nga ayaw namin sa atrium. sayang nga eh kasi di namin masyadong nakita si bamboo. hay.

kyut? hmm... ^_^