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Monday, 13 August 2007

clean slates

i know that there has been too much negative energy on my blog for quite sometime now. after having an anything goes chat with my friend jewel last saturday while waiting for the others to come, i also found out that there has been too much of that in her multiply site too.

so we vowed to ditch the negative energy already...well unless, hounding it again is totally necessary.

i finally dropped a line to some of the “blood traitors” that i am usually writing about. i know that they did hurt me a lot but i’ll just let time heal the wounds they caused me. and besides, i believe in karma. what you give is what you get in return. thank god we all are on our separate ways so it’s easier to move on.

here’s something that made me laugh and in a way, made me think deeper about finally breaking the barrier:

Nasty rumors with sexual undertones are made by perverts.
Those girls made nasty rumors with sexual undertones against you.
Ergo, those girls are perverts

She has an ill-gotten beau who called her as his life.
But he believes that life is a bitch.
Ergo, she is a bitch

- ├╝ber intelligent brother and sister tandem, steve and mimi dizon

hindi ko kinaya pero yeahboii, it made me laugh! they used logical premises to give me some sensible advice. and i must say, it worked. they also told me that they are not worth my energy. oo nga naman.

i remembered my logic class tuloy.


ruff nurse-du-jour said...

nice logic by the way. i think that fallacy is called "quaternio terminorum" if i was not mistaken (fallacy of 4 terms).

love love logic classes by the way. im a geek remember? hehe.

but yeah, get rid off the nega-vibes. breathe them out to allow the good vibes to permeate in. =) out then in. that's good. keep on doing....

kc said...

thanks ruff. i love logic classes too so in the name of "geek-ness", you're not alone. our professor is a cool dude because he makes the lectures really fun. gaaak! i'm not good in remembering latin terms, though.

yeah. i got sick of the nega-vibes. i'll just let time help them realize the implications of their actions.

thanks ruff! =)

Danika said...

"..life is a bitch
ergo, she is a bitch"

omg i liked that! haha

and i support the ditch-the-negative-energy plan. life's too short to waste on the negatives. i hope your wounds get healed soon. take care! ;]

cory said...

laughtrip!!! uber comedy! i actually didn't learn anything from logic class, all I can remember is Ms Omega Ortinero (who's now a flight attendant) used to give us a looooot of bonus points sa tests kaya we always managed to pass...

pano natandaan ni ruff ung quar...ek ek na un...he's so matalino talaga...

sana magtagpo man lng kme ni ms. sa airplane para makapagpasalamat ako because she made my life less of a bitch. lmao.


kc said...

@ danika: sabi nga ni mimi (yung friend ko na gumawa nyan) isipin ko daw yang mabuti and get the underlying message that i am better than them.

..better daw in a sense na sila ay insecure sa mga sarili nila kaya nagagawa nila na manira ng tao. woohoo. i love that.

kaso nung sinabi nila yan sa akin, natawa ako kahit seryoso sila. either way, i learned something from that. =)

thanks for posting a comment danika! =)

kc said...

@ cory: o di ba? ang ganda ng umpisa. seryoso. at medyo may depth ang insights..kaso bigla kong babanatan ng kalokohan (pero may sense) na logical premises.

our prof is mr joseph vega. ms ortinero was our prof on philosophy. talaga flight attendant na sha ngayon? cool.

sige, sumakay ka ng plane everyday para makita mo si ms ortinero sabay banat ng:

"cory de guia is now here.
i am cory de guia.
ergo, i am now here."

nyahaha! =)

Cory said...

wahaha! vega pala kayo. kulit din nun noh?

labs yu back kc-maw from cory-maw.

kc said...

yup. vegan kami. haha! as if talagang kumakain kami ng plain gulay.

kulit nun. sobra! suki ko yun kapag nagugutom yun. nagtitinda kasi ako dati ng chocolate mallows nung first year. haha! =)